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Curse of Maraqua Plot Coverage

Jellyneo's Coverage of The Curse of Maraqua

The Support System

A new feature for this war is the option to be a Warrior and fight in the battledome, or you can choose what is called Support. To support your side, you can either play certain games to gain points, or complete quests by turning in certain items. Below is a listing of what scores you must get in each game to get some points, and a listing of the items for support quests.

Game Scores

Attack of the Revenge
1 war pt = 500 game pts
2 war pts = 1,000 game pts

Raiders of Maraqua
1 war pt = 200 game pts
2 war pts = 400 game pts

Dubloon Disaster
1 war pt = 84 game pts
2 war pts = 167 game pts

1 war pt = 334 game pts
2 war pts = 667 game pts

Defender Trainer
1 war pt = 250 game pts
2 war pts = 500 game pts


Supporters also have the ability to hand in Maraquan and Pirate Tokens. These tokens are worth 5 points each and can only be used by supporters! To hand one in, visit the Support Center.

Here are the events that give the tokens to you:

Something has happened!
Ah, you're a Maraquan soldier aren't you? Great. I was told to give this to you. Please go give it to our friends at the Support Center. They'll know what to do with it.

Something has happened!
Yarr! It's the swabby. Here, have this token-ma-jig. I bet it'd fetch ya a nice reward from that Scalawag at the Support Center. *shifty eyes*

Quest Items

These are some of the quest items asked for from supporters.

A Maraquan Menu
Bottled Air Faerie
Bottled Dark Faerie
Bottled Earth Faerie
Bottled Fire Faerie
Bottled Light Faerie
Cheap Water Ring
Coral Orb
Eo Codestone
Har Codestone
Healing Potion I
Healing Potion II
Healing Potion III
Healing Potion IV
Healing Potion IX
Healing Potion V
Healing Potion VII
Healing Potion X
Healing Potion XI
Healing Potion XII
Healing Potion XIII
Healing Potion XIV
Healing Potion XIX
Healing Potion XV
Healing Potion XVI
Healing Potion XVII
Healing Potion XVIII
Kelpcakes with Green Sauce
Learn To Swim
Lu Codestone
Main Codestone
Mau Codestone
Minor Healing Ointment
Necklace of the Water Faerie
Orn Codestone
Otona, Protector of the Seas
Pirate Warning Sign
Scamander Slime
Star Fish Sandwich
Tai-Kai Codestone
The Wonders of Water
Vo Codestone
Water Mote
Water Mote
Weak Fuzzitus Cream
Zei Codestone