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Curse of Maraqua Plot Coverage

Jellyneo's Coverage of The Curse of Maraqua

Ideas for New Maraqua

When asked what new features that our forum members would like to see in New Maraqua, we got a wonderful response! Outlined below are some of the coolest ideas we came across.

The first cool idea I came across was by mariosfriend. She came up with the idea of having a random shop, somewhat similiar to Tarla's Shop, that sells miscellaneous things found on the sea bed like shells and coral.

Another neat idea was by Shadow. He thought that there could be some new fish-like petpetpets. Perhaps those random fish we see floating across the New Maraqua map could be potential candidates. ;)

Terror Mountain and Tyrannia both have their own Random Events, so why not Maraqua? Pixelfox thought that there should be some new Maraquan random events. In fact, JN's generator makes a cool Maraquan version random event!

Maraqua Random Event!!!
Wouldn't Maraquan random events be cool? :)

Thanks Jellyneo.net for my custom Random Event!

Hyperdi has thought up a new daily. It would be similiar to the Snowager, except that it would involve approaching a volcano and hoping that it erupts something nice for you! Or, you might end up with a weaker pet!

Tigery3 had an amusing idea for a game that you can throw tomatoes at pirates! And what better place to have one than Maraqua, who is probably pretty bitter towards them?

When Maraqua does come back, bobelsnob hopes that it has it's own form of currency like Krawk Island has dubloons. The perfect objects to use would be the pearls found throughout the TCG.

Another interesting game, thought up by atlast787, is a game similiar to Meridell's Pick Your Own. You could roam Maraqua's seaweed fields in search of seaweed, shells, or other things found lying on the ground!

The last ideas I came across in our topic were by Aakash. He came up with having faerie quests, similiar to Illusen and Jhudora. Perhaps Nereid could set up shop underwater to fill this role. Another cool thought was to have a new training school. Maraquans seem to be very battle oriented, and Talek the swordmaster would be the perfect person to run the school!

Like what you've seen above? Then send this page into Neopets! Simply click here to fill in their Ideas form. Copy and paste the URL to this page into the idea box with a little message, and send it on in. :D