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Magma Blaster

Magma Blaster Information
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Introduction to Magma Blaster

In this game, you play an heroic Aisha who is trying to save the citizens of Tyrannia from a destructive volcano. Your job is to pulverize the rocks that are flying out of the volcano. Good luck :D

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Game Play

Level one of Magma Blaster

  1. Level Score: This number tells you how many points you have earned on this level.
  2. Total Score: This number tells you how many points you have earned overall.
  3. Lives: This number is the amount of lives you have left. Lives are lost when rocks fall on citizens.
  4. Crosshairs: These crosshairs are what you use to aim. When the arrows begin to flash, you can shoot the rock for two points. When they move into the circle and flash bright red, you can shoot the rock for four points.
  5. Rock Types: The lens over the rotating rock circle shows you whick rock type you can currently destroy. Press a rock's corresponding number to switch the mode to that kind of rock.
  6. Rocks: These are the rocks that will fly out of the volcano you will need to switch from type to type quickly if you want to destroy all of them.

The game is played with the mouse and the keyboard, as you need to switch your laser for different types of rocks.

In the center of the screen, you will see the big, deadly volcano and the poor citizens running wildly at the foot of it. At the very bottom of the screen, you have the commands of your ship and at the very top, you have the Level Score, Total Score and number of Lives.

You start the game with five (5) lives. They are represented by the five running citizens at the bottom. If a rock falls close to or on top of one of them, you will lose a life. If it falls away from any citizens, you will not. You can't get any extra lives during the game so you need to protect your citizens at all costs.

The game contains five (5) levels, which will be explained later on. Each level involves a new type of rock, which means one more finger on the keyboard as the volcano erupts more on later levels. Below is a table that lists which number corresponds with each rock.

Rock Types
Rock 1 1
Rock 2 2
Rock 3 3
Rock 4 4
Rock 5 5
Rock 6 6

Every rock you destroy is worth either 2 points or 4 points. You will get 4 points if your shot is centered on the rock and 2 points if you just touch an edge.


Here's a little chart of the levels. It contains the number of rocks you need to destroy in order to advance to the next level, and the number of points you will need to unlock the bonus round for each level:

Levels Chart
Level # of Rocks to Advance # of Points for Bonus Round
Level 1 10 40
Level 2 15 60
Level 3 20 80
Level 4 25 100
Level 5 30 120

Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds are absolutely essential if you want a Magma Blaster Trophy. As said before, you need a certain score to get to play the bonus rounds.

During these rounds, you have 15 seconds to shoot as many rocks as you can. The top of the screen will show you how many rocks you've destroyed and the time left. Don't focus on this though, you only have 15 seconds to score as much as possible!

You will usually get 50-70 points from a bonus round.

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Yay! We saved Tyrannia!

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide :)

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