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The Lost Desert Plot

The Temple

On the day that the second chapter was released, a mysterious temple, presumably belonging to Prince Jazan, appeared. You can get to it by clicking here.

It was first discovered in an advertisement at the top of the page. Sneaky, eh? Here's the ad in smaller form:

Visiting the temple, you would have been shown an endless collection of doors and passageways, which were not random. Each time you were allowed back into the temple, which was every hour or so, the temple was the same.

Behind those doors were a myriad of traps, libraries, and faerie statues. Here were some of the useless possibilities:

The door slams shut behind you and poison gas begins to fill the room! You try to escape, but after a few moments you find yourself... falling... unconscious... maybe... you should... take... a nap...

The door slams shut behind you and water begins to pour from hidden alcoves! It looks like you're going to have to spend some time bailing your way out of here...

The door slams shut behind you and you hear a shuffling noise. Out of the dark comes an enormous blob of jelly! It looks like it's devoured greater adventurers than you. You hope you can keep out of its grasp until you figure a way out of here...

The door slams shut behind you and a trap door opens below your feet! You find yourself in a deep pit, dangling from a rope mere inches above sharp metal spikes. It's going to take you a while to climb out of here.

The door slams shut behind you and the walls begin to move toward you! It's going to take all your strength to hold them off until the mechanism is disabled...

The door slams shut behind you. Suddenly, the ceiling collapses and you are buried in a pile of sand! It's going to take you a while to dig your way out.
(Results in your pet temporarily turning into a Pile of Sand for a few hours.)

The door slams shut behind you and you see a riddle inscribed on the opposite wall. It's very intriguing. You decide to spend a while trying to figure it out...

Clicking on any of the following doors also allows you access to a library containing four scrolls. Below are the doors, and below that are the three libraries and the message that all of them gives. Each library contained four random scrolls.

(Click each library for a full-sized version.)
You tentatively step forward and take one of the scrolls.

Your pet reads the scroll and gains a little insight.
Then a trap door opens under your feet and you find yourselves thrown out of the temple onto the desert sands.

The last major part about the temple was finding a statue of Nuria, the local fire faerie. For more information on that part, click here.
The URL of her image contains a name of a scroll. Perhaps

The door slams shut behind you! A statue of Nuria, the fire faerie, stands in the center of the room. A plaque on its base reads:

Whosoever shall speak the prophecy here, shall be rewarded with treasures beyond compare

Speak to the statue:

Interestingly enough, changing the URL of Nuria's statue with other scroll names will produce more images with the scroll's corresponding symbol.

Temple Lockouts
Every time you fall into a trap or visit the library, you are temporarily locked out from the temple. This is for how long...

Falling into a trap : 1 hour
Reading a scroll : 12 hours (!!)

Temple Mapping
When trying to fill in your tablet, you need to traverse through your very large temple. Everyone's temple contains about 450 doors, and around 85-90 rooms. After awhile, you could get lost in there! So, it'd be best to make a map for your temple.

Instead of typing it all out, there is a great map writing guide on PPT's forums by stampsyne. Click here to read it. Full credit goes to stampsyne! ;)