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The Lost Desert Plot

The Prophecy

The next major step in the Lost Desert plot puzzle was finding your Nuria Statue. Some people found this before completing their tablet, but you need not have done it in any particular order.

To find your statue, you need to read the little "poem" that you see when entering the temple. It's the two line string of text in italics underneath the temple's main page. Here's an example:

Random line of words that will
show you what door you need

Those two lines above will tell you what color and what shape the door to your Nuria statue is. It does not tell you the symbol above the door, so that leaves 12 doors to try out!

Here's what each line means:

Banks of the mighty river : green
Blinding radiance of the sun : yellow
Bright guardian of the night : silver
Kingdom of the lightgiver : blue
The waking dawn on the dunes : red
Thunderous clouds obscuring the sky : black

A humble portal of stone : rectangle
Mouth of the river : triangle
The aspect of a star : pentagon
Window into the soul : oval

What you need to do is compare your poem to the above lines. Suppose I had the poem...

A humble portal of stone
Bright guardian of the night

That means I am to look for a rectangular silver door. However, since the symbol above the door is not revealed, I may have to search all 12 rectangular silver doors!

After finding your statue, you need to fill in the prophecy. (Also! You will also need to take note of the symbol on your statue! It's important! It can be found at the base of the statue's image.)The prophecy is what you receive after completing your tablet. If you've completed your tablet, click here to view your prophecy. It's at the bottom of the page. Once you have it, all you need to do is go back to your Nuria statue and "speak" the prophecy to her! If you do, this will happen...

You speak the words of the prophecy to the statue:

[Your prophecy]

Suddenly a bright light shines from above...

It's opening!

A secret panel on the base of the statue slowly begins to open...

A silver glow issues forth from the compartment behind the panel...

Something seems to be moving inside the compartment...

What could it be? It's beginning to move closer...

You can't make out the shape... the light is too bright...



You will also need to take note of the symbol on your statue. This is important for helping to dig out the scroll repository.