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The Lost Desert Plot


The final clue describes a lot of random letters. So, fall into a Riddle Trap in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs. Once there, click the the alien flamingo figure at the bottom left-ish of the picture.

You'll receive your fourth and final crystal! Hoorah! No more scroll reading! But don't get too excited, as now you have to go take a trip back to your mini Sakhmet city in the repository to... blow up a wall! Once you place in your fourth crystal when the light is on, you'll blow a hole clear through the wall into a mysterious room.

Once you get over the joy of blowing a wall through, click on the large hole. You'll come a page looking like this, where your crystal is replaced with a scroll:

Inside the chamber, you see a scroll. Your pet picks it up and reads it.

I can't make heads or tails of this!
Perhaps you should find someone to show this scroll to.

Mysterious Scroll

For the final step, bring your scroll to the Fortune Teller. You'll get the following message (plus, the part about the scarabs):

I've been expecting you.

The fortune teller listens as you tell her the tale of finding the mystery scroll in the map room of the scroll repository. "Amazing! No wonder those architects were so tight-lipped about what they were building. Let me take a look at that scroll." You hand it to her. "Hmm... yes... I see... Ah ha! Of course! This is in an ancient dialect of Sakhmetian, and I think I recognize it. I believe it says... well, there's a lot of nonsense up front, but finally it says, 'The curse of Jazan will make Sakhmet disappear,' which is an awful lot like that prophecy you found before. But then it continues: 'Jazan must marry a true princess of Qasala to break the curse.' That explains why he wanted to marry Amira, but... she's not a Qasalan princess. Is she?" The fortune teller looks confused. "I wonder how we'll pull that off." She hands the scroll back to you.

Now, time to convert your tablet into Qasalan and defeat Razul!