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The Lost Desert Plot

Comic Header Images

Here's a little archive of the images that were shown on the news and on the main page of Neopets with each chapter release!

Chapter 1

Released: August 30th
Chapter 2

Released: September 2nd
Chapter 3

Released: September 8th
Chapter 4

Released: September 14th
Chapter 5

Released: September 16th
Chapter 6

Released: September 22nd
Chapter 7

Released: September 27th
Chapter 8

Released: September 30th
Chapter 9

Released: October 7th
Chapter 10

Released: October 11th
Chapter 11

Released: October 14th
Chapter 12

Released: October 27th
Chapter 13

Released: November 2nd
Chapter 14

Released: November 9th
Chapter 15

Released: November 14th