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The Lost Desert Plot

Furniture Moving

UPDATE: This part of the plot is no longer active. If you have not already moved sand, moved blocks, or placed furniture, then you do not have to do it. Go right to the Chefs & Crystals Page.

Moving in the Furniture

After hauling out blocks from the Repository, you had to patiently wait for a team of dilligent Rukis to build a massive collection of furniture.

The eldest Ruki notices you enter. "Hullo! Come to see what kinda furniture we're making, eh?" He points at one of the stone blocks in the middle of the tent. "You can take a look at our progress if ya like. You'd best get familiar with this stuff. You're gonna be the one carrying it inside when we're done!"

And finally, after a very long weekend of waiting, the furniture making was complete! Now, you, under the direction of that infamous foreman, were to help move all of the furniture into the Repository onto marked places.

The eldest Ruki notices you enter. "Ah, come to pick up some furniture, eh?" He points at huge piles of painted stone furniture. "Just grab one and take it to the temple. Someone there'll tell you where it needs to go."

To pick up a piece, simply click the link of the piece you want to pick. I'd suggest a Scroll Rack, as they are easiest to place. The someone that'll be directing is the Interior Director, who has miracuously drawn outlines of each furniture piece onto all of the appropriate squares. You must seek him out and he'll tell you what floor the furniture needs to be placed. Not doing this and placing the furniture on any floor will result in the foreman yelling at you and kicking you out!

The interior decorator blinks, startled, as you approach. "Oh, hello there! You must be one of the furniture movers."

He looks around, and then consults his notes. "Ah, yes, I think we'll have need of you to place that... let's see, oh, where should it go... Aha! The first floor!

The Interior Decorator likes to move around the pyramid, so sometimes he is hard to find. For each piece of furniture you haul, you need to seek the Decorator out in his current position, and talk to him. To find out where the Interior Decorator is right now, check out some topics on the Lost Desert plot Neoboard.

Once you've found the ID (Interior Decorator), you need to go put your furniture on the correct floor. To do so, you'll need to trek through the Repository and look for a chalk outline of your particular furniture. The smeared outlines are stolen pieces of furniture and cannot have new furniture be placed on top. Here's what you should be looking for:

Scroll Rack





You'll probably find a map of the Scroll Repository very helpful. So luckily, the petpage of siniggle has maps of all the floors!

Also, as a sidenote, if you absolutely cannot find a solid outline to put your furniture, you can either A) go back outside to the tent and put the furniture down, resulting in a 30 minute lockout, or B) wait until a smeared outline is unsmeared.

Once you've successfully placed a piece of furniture by double clicking on an outlined square, you'll need to go back to the Repository entrance and visit the tent again. If you don't get yelled at by the foreman or locked out for some other reason, then you can continuously put in furniture until it all runs out!

After a week or so, all furniture was successfully placed. We can only immagine the next task at hand...

The scroll repository is now fully furnished. All that remains is to stock it with scrolls. Thankfully, there's a staff of expert librarians on hand to put all the scrolls into the right positions.

We finally outdid those thieves!

The foreman looks up at the gleaming scroll repository pyramid. "Looks like we managed to keep ahead of those thieves -- just barely, though. Who knows what they wanted with all that furniture? I bet it'll show up on the black market soon." He shakes his head. "Well, the construction's all done. Guess that means I'm out of a job." He sighs, sits in the corner, and sulks.