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The Lost Desert Plot

Getting Your Third Crystal

The next clue does not exist... So, fall into a Jelly Trap in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs. Once there, click the bottom left bone to get your third crystal.


Now, if you were tired of reading scrolls from the last time, get ready to be bored out of your mind! You only need to read 16 scrolls, but the order you need to read them is completely random, so you could be reading over 35 scrolls if you're really unlucky. :P

To begin, you need to find the four symbols that you crossed off your tablet the first time, when the lights were only red, blue, and yellow. (Not when they were purple, green, and orange!)

Once you have those four symbols, you'll need to read corresponding scrolls from top to bottom, left to right, like you're reading a book, and opposite the last time you read. The scrolls you have to read are the red, blue AND yellow scrolls of that symbol in the areas on your catalogue. For example, if my symbol was Ahn I would have to read the red Ahn, yellow Ahn, and blue Ahn scrolls in the places that your catalogue says so. On reading the last scroll, you'll get another location, where you need to go and read the white scroll of that symbol.

However, there's a catch. The order you read the red, blue and yellow are random. And it's different for every symbol. Therefore, you should read them in this order: Y B R Y B Y R B Y. That order represents ALL possible combinations, so you'll eventually get the right combo. It's a lot of running around, but it's not that bad.

When finished reading your 16 scrolls, you'll be given a clue describing a puzzle with a lot of random letters and symbols as your next clue. To continue, click here.