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The Lost Desert Plot

Using Your First Crystal

This next step is a long one!

You might need to play the waiting game on this first part. You need to enter the repository and make your way all the way up to the 5th floor. For maps, visit the petpage of siniggle. Once up to the fifth, you'll need to make your way around to what seems to be a dead corridor. It should look like this:

Once there, go to the end and you'll be magically transported to a mysterious room. Keep following the path and the stairs until you get to a room with a mini model of Sakhmet city.

If you are lucky, there will be a light in the room:

If you see the above, then click the little notch in the biggest palace roof. (Circled above) By clicking on it, your crystal will be placed there. If the light is there, then it will be channeled through the crystal and onto the wall. If you do not have light, then you'll need to keep visiting that room every hour. The light will only show up for an hour every eight hours.

The above is used with permission from Neonuttersofneopia.com

By placing your crystal into the notch, the above should show up. Each person has a unique order! Also, take note of any blank spaces, as those are very important. You need to take these colors (and blank spaces) and put them onto your tablet, assigning each color/space to a symbol, from left to right and top to bottom. An example is below of what I would be doing with the colors in the above image:

These of course relate to what scrolls you will be reading throughout the repository! :D Now, read the next part very carefully. It gets confusing, and getting it wrong will result in you having to do it all over again, which would stink. :P

To start of, you need to click on your Useless Crystal from your inventory. Instead of seeing the ordinary crystal, you'll see it has some colors at the top. Take note of them, as that's what order that you read scrolls in. For the example below, the colors are red, yellow, then blue.

Since my first color is red, I will need to start with the red card catalogue located in the front of the repository. If your first color was blue or yellow, then your first catalogue would be blue or yellow respectively.

Now, look at the symbols on your tablet. Look at all of the symbols that have the color you start off with. Since mine is red, I will be looking at the red circled symbols. You need to find those symbols on your card catalogue and write down what sections they represent, and the order they appear in on the catalogue. That is the order in which you will read the scrolls.

For example, my red symbols are Ben, Saf, Lat, and Set. I will look for these on my red catalogue:

Remember! Everyone's lights, colors, order and catalogues are completely different! After I take note of what section of scrolls each symbol represents (blue and yellow too!), I go in order of which they appear on the catalogue. So, I start off by visiting Lost Desert Art History, Painting section to read a Red Lat scroll. I do this for each symbol, reading the symbol and color, going in the order they are on the catalogue, and the same goes for blue and yellow, or whatever order your catalogue colors are! Note: If you have 2 of the same symbols for a color, read the scroll twice! :)

For section locations, visit the petpage of siniggle.

Once you've read all 12 scrolls, you'll get the message "A sharp eye holds the next step". And that is it for that step. Click here to get your second crystal!