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The Lost Desert Plot

Chefs and Crystals

The next step for the Lost Desert plot has been released. :smile: A full walk through is below. However, you need to finish and read your tablet and speak your prophecy to Nuria before doing this part.

First, you'll need the Repository chef, who is suspiciously familiar. :P He is located on the second floor, row 20, column 5.

The Chef Conversation

I'll be making lunch as soon as I get some supplies!

The chef, who looks very familiar, glances at you as you enter. "Well, fancy meeting you here. Turns out they needed a chef for the cafeteria here, and as I was out of a job, they hired me on!" He twirls his rolling pin. "Unfortunately, I ain't gotten any shipments of food yet, so I can't make anything. Just some mislabeled boxes." He sighs. "This job is boring."

The chef scratches his ear. "Say, I heard something about you surviving an attack by a pile of scarabs. Boy, adventuring sounds like a good time. But I've been too busy working to take a vacation. I sure would like a souvenir from one of those, you know, exotic locales." He shakes his head and swings his rolling pin around absently.

Talking to the chef (by going onto the square in front of him and pressing the "Talk to Chef" button), will tell you that he wishes he had a vacation. More important, however, he says he wants a souvenir from an "exotic locale." The only place to visit would be the Gift Shop of 1,000 Trinkets! The shop owner will hand you an Empty Vial. (IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have exited your temple. You might need to find your way out, speak a wrong prophecy to Nuria, or fall into a trap to get out of the Temple to get to the Gift Shop.)

Gift Shop Conversation

The gift shop owner perks up. "You know, there is one thing I have... but I couldn't just give it away. I'd do a trade, though. If you can bring me some black smoke, that would be really cool. Here, I'll even give you this little vial I had lying around. Let me know if you find some!"

Next, visit your inventory and attach it to a pet as Battledome equipment. The next step would be getting some of the black smoke... from the Ruins Spirit in the battledome!

Once you have the vial equipped, make sure your pet is all fed up and has full HP. Challenge the Spirit and use the vial on your first turn. You need not win or lose, just be sure to use the vial against the Spirit. :)

As you might have noticed, the Empty Vial has become... Smoky Vial!

Better keep that lid on!

Unequip the Smoky Vial and return to the Gift Shop of 1,000 Trinkets. She'll take the vial from you and award you with a Temple of 1,000 Tombs Souvenir T-Shirt. Just what you wanted. Really.

...and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

Finally, you'll need to visit the chef again. If you didn't move anywhere in the Repository, you should be right where you were, in front of the chef. :wink: Talk to him.

"Wow!" the chef exclaims as you hand him the souvenir. "Thanks so much! I never woulda been able to get one of these, I'm so busy working. Here, let me give you something in exchange."

He'll hand you a Useless Crystal, which I'm sure won't be too useless soon.