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Legends of Pinball

Legends of Pinball Information
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You are about to embark on an incredible journey through the Gallery of Heroes pinball-style! Join Cylara, Gorix and Jeran on a voyage of adventure throughout Neopia.

There are 2 levels in this game, with a 2nd stage for each. Your job is to use the control keys (or left and right arrows) controlling the paddles to keep your pinball in play! Holding down the space bar (or the down arrow) will launch your ball into play. The longer you hold the key down, the more powerful your launch. You will get 5 pinballs for each of the 4 stages.

The Levels

Level 1.1

The areas circled in green are where you want to bounce your ball off of for some big points!

The area encased in red is how to move on to the next level.

If you are going for a high score, and perhaps a trophy, you will want to avoid this area. You will have to open each of the 3 portals to continue on to stage 1.2. In addition, opening each portal will award you 20 points! You will earn you 100 bonus points for finishing this stage.

Level 1.2

The area encased in purple is a ball lock. Hitting a ball in here will allow you to shoot an additional ball into play if you wish. The lock will hold the ball for a few seconds, and if you can handle multiple balls at once, launch another. You will be able to have as many as all 5 balls in play at once if you keep getting a ball into the lock.

To move on to level 2, you will have to hit either Cylara or Gorix three times. Each time you hit one of them, you will be awarded 20 points. You will earn 100 bonus points for finishing this stage.

Level 2.1

In this stage, the Wishing Well acts as the Ball Lock. If the Turmaculus eats your ball, click his mouth to release it. There is a guard sleeping in the top left corner. Hitting him each time will make him more awake. Earn 20 points for each hit, but be warned, the stage ends when you hit him a third time! You will earn 100 bonus points for finishing this stage.

Level 2.2

This is the final stage of the game. This stage is a bit about timing. The columns will move up and down. They can potentially save your ball from hitting the bottom, or changing the path of your ball. Hitting Jeran will give you 20 points, but it will mean your game is over, even only hitting him once. That's all it takes. 100 bonus points will be added to your final game score!


  • "P" - Type during gameplay to pause the game. Type again to un-pause.
  • If you are going for a high score, try to hit your ball lightly to keep it more controlled and away from hitting the red zones.
  • Try to use all of your balls. There are a total of 20 per game.
  • If the game is laggy or runs slowly, try changing the quality of the game to medium or low.

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