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Legends and Letters


Heads up! Some of the information below in this guide may be out of date due to a recent app update. If you find differences in information, please send it in »

You can unlock extra loot in Legends and Letters by performing specific actions in game. If you click on the Quests button on the map screen, you will be taken to the achievements screen.

The Dailies tab contains achievements that can be completed once per day. There are five daily achievements active at a time, and they typically award small amounts of gold coins in the region of 100-200, and occassionally small amounts of Gems. You can refresh one achievement per twelve hours by clicking the circular arrow icon.

Also on this screen are three 'free' Gold Chests. You may click on one every four hours to collect a reward. Once the third chest is claimed, this section goes on a 24 hour cooldown before any other chests can be claimed from it.

At the top of the screen is a large chest. Completing and claiming daily achievements will slowly fill the bar next to this chest, and once it is full you will be able to claim an additional bonus Chest for free. There are three tiers of bonus chest here, each awarding progressively better loot but also requiring more achievements to unlock. As soon as you open one of these bonus chests, the counter is reset and you begin working on opening the next highest tier, resetting to the first tier once you have opened them all.


In the second tab, you will find achievements. These, unlike dailies, can only be completed once and do not refresh. However, they also award much higher levels of loot.

Achievement Name Requirement Reward
First Meal Earn More Energy by Feeding Your Leader
(Feed your Neopet any item to increase its energy)
50 Gems
Notorious Bandits! Beat 500 Enemies in Battle
(Defeat 500 enemies in battles)
15,000 Coins
Notorious Bandits! Beat 500 Enemies in Battle
(Defeat 1000 enemies in battles)
20,000 Coins
Word Master! Spell 300 Words in Battle
(Spell 300 words in battle)
3000 Coins
1 Gold Chest
Swashbuckler! Beat on Medium
(Complete all Krawk Island stage on medium difficulty)
10,000 Coins
1 Gold Chest
Perfect Pirate! Beat on Hard
(Complete all Krawk Island stages on hard difficulty)
15,000 Coins
1 Gold Chest
The Legend Begins! Complete All Tutorial Sections
(Finish the prologue)
2000 Coins
Swashbuckling Background
Fast Learner! First Character Level Up
(Level up any of your characters once)
500 Coins
Ascended to Infamy! First Character Star Ascension
(Ascend any character once)
Gold Chest x1
Token of Appreciation First Store Summons
(Use any Summon Token)
Gold Chest x1
Quite a Character Earn a Rare Card
(Obtain a Rare rarity rated card from any source)
25 Gems
Wordsmith Spell 50 Words in Battle
(Spell 50 words in battle)
500 Coins
12 Gems
Warrior-Thieves! Beat 100 Enemies in Battle
(Defeat 100 enemies in battles)
10,000 Coins
Wordcrafter! Spell 150 Words in Battle
(Spell 150 words in battle)
1500 Coins
1200 Coins
Setting Sails! Beat on Easy
(Complete all Krawk Island levels on easy difficulty)
5000 Coins
Will You Become a Legend of Neopia? Register in Legends and Letters
(Create a Legends and Letters account)
Claymaker's Curse (Background)

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