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Petpet Lab Ray

In addition to being able to zap your Neopets, you can now zap your petpets at the Petpet Lab Ray! Will your petpet turn into a hideous Meepit, or will it turn into a cute and fluffy Feepit!?

Accessing the Petpet Lab Ray

Unfortunately, you need to complete the Secret Laboratory Map set before you can get to the Petpet Lab. After you do that, you can bring the Petpet Laboratory Map set in your inventory to this page.

Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map
Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map
Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map Petpet Laboratory Map

Zapping Your Petpet

Once you have access to the Petpet Lab Ray, you may zap any petpet currently attached to any of your Neopets. You cannot zap a petpet in your inventory. If you ever choose to remove your petpet from your Neopet, the petpet will revert back to its original form.

The Petpet Lab Ray can:

  • Change your petpet's colour
  • Change your petpet's species
  • Increase your petpet's level
  • Decrease your petpet's level
  • Change your petpet's name
  • Turn your petpet into a Pile of Soot
  • Make your petpet disappear permanently
  • Do nothing at all

You are limited to only one zap per account per day. Some people choose to complete the Petpet Lab map on their side accounts. You can zap whatever petpet of yours you like with your daily zap, and you can zap the same petpet as many times as you wish, even if it is a Pile of Soot!

Exclusive Colours and Species

There are several petpet colours that can only be accessed through the Petpet Lab Ray:

There are also several exclusive species that can only be obtained through the Petpet Lab Ray:

Finally, there are a handful of species/colour combinations that are exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray:

Because a petpet reverts to its original form once it is removed from your pet, these exclusive colours and species cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one pet to another.

There are no known excluded species or colours, but there are so many petpets and colours that it'd be difficult to tell if there were. For example, it's confirmed that the ray can zap your petpet Birthday, although Birthday is not exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray. Given that zapped petpets revert to its original form, we're thinking that the ray can do any colour and species.

Disappeared Petpets

When the ray causes your petpet to disappear, it is gone forever, and if it had a petpetpet then it is gone forever too. There is no way to get it back. You'll have to get a new petpet and start over.

Ray-Given Names

If your language is set to something other than English, you may end up with translated versions of the names listed below.

  • 1337
  • Bhudda of Geraptiku
  • Dirigibles
  • Dragona's Socks
  • El Champion
  • Fritter
  • Fritz
  • Frankie
  • Goober
  • Greg
  • Grrrrrr
  • Help me eat
  • Hilarioso
  • Humbug
  • Kadoatie-wannabe
  • Lazpip
  • Lemondrop
  • Lollygag
  • Lunch
  • McFritter
  • Mercutio
  • Montage
  • Oopsy
  • Pants McGee
  • Petpet of DOOM
  • Phil
  • Pooky
  • Pooky McDroolish
  • Pooper
  • Poppler
  • Puppup
  • Rover
  • Schnukums
  • Sir Bob of Geraptiku
  • Skeeter
  • Snarkie
  • So-and-So
  • Spiffy
  • Times New Roman
  • Toast
  • Todd
  • Tumbles
  • Type Mismatch Error
  • Woojit
  • Your Ad Here

If the lab has renamed your petpet with a name not listed here, please let us know.

If you aren't happy with your petpet's new name, you can easily change it at its interaction page, accessed through your Quick Ref page.

Consequences of Zapping

Any zapped petpet is publicly marked as zapped on your pet's lookup with this indicator: .

Zapped petpets are no longer eligible for the Petpet Protection League award.

Zapped petpets cannot be painted by a Petpet Paint Brush.

A petpet that is zapped into a Krawk petpet is not able to be converted into a Krawk pet at the Fungus Cave.

One potential positive consequence of zapping your petpet is avatars. For example, consider the Meowclops avatar shown below. If your petpet is zapped into a Meowclops, you can get this avatar. If the avatar has an age requirement, you still need to meet that requirement to be eligible.


Meowclops / Guide

Have any colour Meowclops attached to your Neopet and visit the Quick Ref page.

Released: August 18, 2003

This does not work both ways, however. For example, consider the Whee! avatar shown below. If you give a Snowbunny to your pet and it zaps into another species, you will not be able to use that petpet to get the avatar when it is old enough.


Whee! / Guide

Have a Snowbunny attached to your pet for 364+ days and then view your pet's lookup.

Released: December 3, 2003

Non-Consequences of Zapping

None of the below activities are affected in any way by zapping your petpet:

Removing Zapped Petpets

Like any other petpet, zapped petpets can be removed from your Neopet by visiting it through the Quick Ref page.

When a zapped petpet is removed, it will revert back to its original form. You can see what its original form was on the same page.


Petpet Laboratory

Petpet Laboratory / Guide

Have your petpet zapped into a Pile of Soot by the Petpet Lab Ray.

Released: August 3, 2005

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