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The Lab Ray

The Secret Laboratory is highly sought after on Neopets; it allows for stats increases (and decreases), as well as species, gender and colour changes for your pets. This article should explain what the Lab Ray does, how likely the outcomes are, and some other perks of owning it.

If you are looking for information about the Petpet Lab Ray, please see this guide.

Lab Ray Scientist
While we can't imagine what the Scientist was thinking when creating the Lab Ray,
at least it worked out better than Kooky's version.

Buying a Secret Laboratory Map

For a complete list of current estimated prices for the pieces, we recommend you see our Item Database. You may need to check back often though, as the price for each piece is constantly fluctuating due to supply and demand.

While the complete sets on the Trading Post may be convenient, you will likely end up overpaying by a fair bit. You can use the Shop Wizard to find some of the individual pieces, or keep checking the Trading Post for other users who are selling the pieces individually, as these should be cheaper overall.

If you choose to buy one piece at a time, be sure to move them to your Safety Deposit Box for storage to ensure they aren't affected by any Random Events.

The Finished Map

Below you can see what the completed map will look like. Once you have all nine pieces in your inventory, you can go to this page and turn them in.

Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map

Unfortunately, like other treasure maps, the pieces of the Lab Map disappear forever when you hand them in. This means there is no way to get them back if you decide you no longer want to zap your pets.

Zapping Your Pet

Once you have turned the map pieces in, you will receive unlimited access to the Lab Ray, but you are limited to one zap per account per day. You are able to zap any one of your pets on any given day, and as the Lab Ray does not award neopoints, you are allowed to complete, and use, it on multiple accounts. Do bear in mind though, that you must earn all neopoints to buy the Lab Map on your main account, and then send the pieces to your side accounts.

With the release of the Lab Ray Fortune Cookie in the NC Mall, you do have the opportunity to get some extra zaps. You can only open it on your main account, with the exception being if you have the lab ray on a side but -not- your main account.

Possible Lab Ray Outcomes

There are a number of possible outcomes when you choose to use the Lab Ray; it can decrease stats, increase stats, change your pet's appearance, or do nothing at all. You are not able to choose what it does though, as it's all random.

Despite this, overall, you have a 45% chance of getting a stat increase, a 28% chance of getting a stat decrease, a 22% chance of getting a pet appearance change, and a 5% chance of nothing happening at all. The chart below shows the percentage of each possible change. (Please note that these percentages may not be 100% accurate, because of the random nature of the Ray.)

Lose Strength


Lose Levels 5.5%

Lose Movement


Lose Defence 4.9%

Back to Level 1


Gain Levels 5%

Gain Movement


Gain Defence 6.1%

Gain Hit Points


Gain Strength 9.2%

Colour Change


Species Change 5.4%

Gender Change


No Change At All 5.1%

Note: The possible zap "No Change At All" listed above is a variable statistic depending on the stats of your pet. Although we are unable to confirm it, it may be that "No Change At All" is what the Ray resorts to if it is unable to change your pet, for example change it to an Alien Lupe, or reduce its level to -2. In general, the higher statistics your pet has, the less likely it is for "No Change At All" to appear.

The outcome "Back to Level 1" becomes a very low possibility if your pet's level is high, which is estimated to be at around level 20+ or 40+. In some rarer cases, your pet can still go down to level 1 from much higher than this, with no confirmed cut off that it is guaranteed to no longer be possible.

For an easy way to track your zaps, see our Lab Ray Logger.

Restrictions of The Lab Ray

There are only seven known colours the Lab Ray cannot turn your pet into: Baby, Magma, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. It also won't increase intelligence, do anything to your petpet, or decrease max hit points. It can only change the stats mentioned above.

The Lab Ray can change a pet's species into almost any species. Just like colours are restricted, species are too. As far as we can tell, the following species cannot be obtained from the ray: Draik, Krawk, and Ixi.

Lab Ray Exclusive Colours

Some colours are only available from the Lab Ray, there is no other way in Neopia to change your pet into that colour—not even a paint brush, or Fountain Faerie Quest.

These exclusive colours are:

  • Burlap
  • Ice
  • Mosaic
  • MSP
  • Robot
  • Sponge

There is only one exception to the above: Bori cannot be zapped to Ice due to them being exclusive to an old sponsor promotion. (To learn more about how Ice Bori were created see our Ice Bori guide.)

Some colours are primarily available through the Lab Ray, because no paint brush generates them. These colours are often considered Lab Ray colours, even though they are also available through Fountain Faerie Quests: Alien, Chocolate, Coconut, Custard, Garlic, Mallow, Snot, and Jelly.

Finally, the fruit and vegetable Chia colours are available through the Rainbow Fountain and Magical Chia Pops. The Mutant colour is also available from the Lab Ray, but you can also obtain it from Transmogrification Potions and Fountain Faerie Quests.

Magical Thornberry Chia Pop Korbat Transmogrification Potion Magical Pea Chia Pop Cybunny Transmogrification Potion Magical Grape Chia Pop


Technically you can get some of these colours by other very rare means.

Any colour is available through the annual Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, in which a very small number of lucky Neopets are gifted by TNT, one permanent species and colour change on the Day of Giving.

If you scored enough points in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot then you were able to purchase a One-Use Robotification Zappermajig which would allow you to paint your pet Robot.

The 2018 Charity Corner had a perk available allowing a pet to be zapped with exclusive Lab Ray colours.

TNT has reported that there is a very small chance of changing a Chia to Chocolate by feeding it large amounts of chocolate foods. But there have been no recorded cases of this happening so far.

Similarly feeding them a lot of garlic can potentially change their colour to Garlic. (Though it isn't an exact science and this is a rare occurrence).

Any Final Questions?


If you zap your pet and it changes colour/species, and its current wearables no longer fit, these items will be returned to your account, you will not lose these items.

Lab Ray Access Has Disappeared?

It appears that there was a bug where people's Lab Rays would disappear. It isn't too common anymore, but if yours does disappear, contact The Neopets Team by sending a support ticket. They have installed a feature to tell support whether or not you've ever had the Lab Ray.

Battledome Challenger

The Lab Ray gives you access to a new battledome challenger, the Lab Ray Scientist. To get the Scientist as a challenger, just refresh at the "Select a Pet" page when you go to use the lab. Since battling in the Battledome is a Neopoint-earning activity (you will receive Neopoints and items), it can only be done on your main account, even though you're allowed to unlock the Lab Ray on your side accounts. If your mis-gendered pet is on a side account, you will have to transfer him or her first.

The Previous Lab Ray

The Secret Laboratory Map got an image redesign on April 20, 2011. Here's what it used to look like:

Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map Secret Laboratory Map
Pwned by the Lab

Pwned by the Lab / Guide

Get your pet's species changed via the Lab Ray.

Released: June 23, 2004

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