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Kiko Match II

Kiko Match II Information
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The general idea of Kiko Match II is simple enough: match the pairs of cards together before time runs out. With each level, your playing board gets bigger and you get a little more time. You get 10 points for completing each round and every second you have remaining on the clock when you finish is added to your score as bonus points. No points are given for matches made.

There are fourteen rounds in total. Here is a table of the number of matches needed in each round, as well as the time limit given.

Round Requirements
Round Time (secs) Matches
1 10 2
2 15 3
3 20 4
4 25 6
5 30 8
6 55 10
7 70 12
8 85 15
9 105 18
10 155 21
11 175 24
12 205 28
13 255 32
14 255 40

Strategy and Hints

First off - make sure you turn off animations! That will save you a great deal of time, and make it easier to keep focused. As you get further and further in Kiko Match, it may seem impossible to keep up, as the amount of time you have and the matches rise disproportionately to each other.

The first strategy is one that can be used for pretty much any matching game, though it may be a little harder in KM2 because of the time constraint. Choose three or four Kikos and search for those only and, once you find all of those matches, choose another few and find them. While this makes it easier by breaking down the game board, it can waste valuable time if you get stuck on a particular Kiko.

Kiko Match Home Version

The other technique can only be used in later levels. After a while, a few of the Kikos have background colors different from the usual blue. If you seek out these Kikos with different background colors first, it narrows down the playing field significantly. There are three background colors: red, green, and yellow. If, for example, on Level 14 there were even just one pair of each, that's already six tiles you've taken care of and on your search for them, you probably took care of a few matches along the way. It's easier, in any case, to try to break down the game board after a while.

Luckily, there are a few things to take advantage of:

First, TNT was kind enough to provide a code to help in the game. Type ineedmoretime during the game at any time and fifteen seconds will be added to the clock. This is best used on the last level to ensure victory, but if you feel as though you may be losing on another level, it's best to type it in then.

Oh wait, wrong game...

There is also a break in between each round. Use it. Get up, stretch your arms if you feel as though you're getting too stressed out. There's no time limit on the break and if you walk around a bit and come back with fresh eyes, it'll make it easier to keep pushing through.

The main trick to Kiko Match II is just to not get frustrated. Yes, there are a lot of matches to do and yes, there's never enough time. But it is possible, and with practice you'll be able to improve your score drastically and maybe even make it onto the high score table!

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