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Key Quest

Key Quest has been discontinued! Since Neopets transitioned to new servers in September 2014, Key Quest has been offline. In July 2018, it was announced that Key Quest was planned to return as a mobile app, but in December 2019 those plans were officially confirmed as canceled.

Mini Games

Below is a list of Mini Games you can encounter in Key Quest as well as a guide to Duels.

If and when you win a mini game, you are given one of two "scenarios". You are either allowed to choose one key of any color, or you are allowed to choose one of three randomly chosen. power-ups.

You also gain a varied amount of neopoints depending on how many players are in the game and where you finish
Mini Games
Berry Blast Berry Blast In this game, you have to blast as many berries as possible in the time given. Points are given based on the number of berries blasted, and how quickly they are blasted after they appear on the screen.

  • The shorter a berry appears on screen, the more points it is worth.
Flower Frenzy Flower Frenzy Note: There appears to be a problem with this game at the moment, where the screen appears to freeze. If you wait, eventually the game will end, with a random player as the winner.

In this game, you need to follow the flower's sequence and get it right.

  • If you're having trouble, use the flowers' colours to help you.

  • Consecutive sequences always take the previous sequence and adds one more flower to the pattern.
Fruit Picker Fruit Picker In this game, you have to use your shears to cut the fruits from the tree and then drag them to the basket.

  • Don't drop your fruits into the wrong basket, otherwise you could be giving points to your opponents!

  • Always check to see what color basket/name tag you are, as the color basket you are given may not correspond to your token base color.

  • Try to get all the fruits above your basket first by just cutting them down.
Ghastly Guzzler Ghastly Guzzler In this game, you have to feed Esophagor by pointing your cursor, and clicking on his mouth.

  • Try to aim for his open mouth

  • Esophagor will change color when he is about to spew. Click the duck arrow to avoid the spew.
Neogarden Grow Neogarden Grow In this game, you have to water some flowers in order to make them grow and then cut their stems to collect them for points.

  • Make sure your flowers are completely grown or else you won't be getting any points for them.

  • Water multiple flowers at a time, don't make one grow complete and then do the others.
Nova Matcher Nova Matcher In this game, you are to click on as many of the same Novas as possible to make the most matches.

  • Try to grab the matching Novas that are right next to each other on the board before your opponent does.
Orbliteration Berry Blast In this game, you earn points by collecting Sparks & Orbs. Click on a Spark that is within your reach to move to it. Click on an Orb to grab it and pull it to you. Watch out for the geysers! The wind will stun you.

  • Orbs are worth more than the Sparks so collect as many as you can! But remember, you have to get close to an Orb before you can grab it.
Petpet Pamper Petpet Pamper In this game, you need to spray the dirt patches off the Meowclops in order to clean it. The Meowclops will be moving so get ready for some splashing!

  • Never stop spraying or your opponent could get an advance over you.

  • Make sure you keep washing dirt, rather than clean parts of the Meowclops.
Petpet Pond Petpet Pond In this game you have to catch as many fish as possible. You do this by clicking the mouse to cast the bobber. Then wait for the yellow marks to appear and click repeatedly to reel in. Then cast again to catch more fish.

  • Drop your bobber in the water near a fish but not on top of it or you will scare the fish away

  • Earn more points by reeling in the bigger fish first. Goldies are worth 100pts, Nurannas are worth 50pts and Bubblebees are worth 25pts.
Petpetpet Snare Petpetpet Snare In this game, your goal is to draw a loop around the goal Petpetpet shown at the top. Each loop around one Petpetpet is 5 points. You don't have to have a perfect circle... it can be any shape you like!

  • Drawing a loop around more than one of the same Petpetpet earns bonus points!

  • Be quick, because once your opponent makes a loop, you need to start over with your loop.
Shenkuu Showers Daring Dig Move your mouse to move your umbrella. Place your umbrella above a petpet to protect it. Collect powerups by catching them with your umbrella. Whoever collects the most points wins.

  • The more petpets you protect and the longer you protect them for the more points you get.
Spyder Scare Spyder Scare In this game, you drag your mouse from side to side to move your robot Spyder across the screen. The eye lights will indicate which direction your Spyder will drop when you click your mouse.

  • Try to grab the bolts nearest the top first as it takes less time to bring them back.

  • Grabbing a Purple orb (the darker orb) will freeze your opponent, and grabbing a Blue orb (the lighter orb) will speed up your Spyder!

Retired Games?

The following games have not been seen in many years. It's quite possible that they never made it out of the beta testing--or were deactivated by TNT:

Mini Games
Daring Dig Daring Dig In this game, you have to dig through the soil and get to the goal line. Collect gems for more points but beware of the obstacles. Darker coloured squares take more attempts to get through. The first one to the bottom gets ten points.

  • Digging upwards and through darker squares is harder and you should avoid doing so.

  • You can still win even if you are not the first to the bottom by collecting lots of gems.
Faerie Labyrinth Faerie Labyrinth In this game, you are controlling a Faellie and your goal is to be the first to claim the treasure at the middle of the maze. In order to get there, you will have to trigger some coloured switches to open the barriers of the same colour. When you get to a wooden door, you will have to click multiple times in order to break the door.

  • The game is much easier to play if you use a keyboard, as it offers greater control than if you use your mouse.

  • You should also use the switches to block others from moving in the maze.

  • A faster computer allows you to get through the maze a little quicker. Close as many applications as you can before playing.
Poogle Carnival Racing Poogle Carnival Racing In this game, your goal is to hit the target with the darts to make your Poogle run and get to the finish line.

  • You should concentrate your throws on one area of the target.

  • If you hit the middle, try to replicate the size and direction of the arrow so you can hit the middle again.

  • Don't take too much time to aim, as you get points for hitting any place on the dartboard.



While playing the game, you will be able to play duels against other players. The duel consists of a "Rock-Paper-Scissors" game that you play against another player. The winner is given a random choice; either choosing among three Power-Ups or one of the five Keys.


To play a duel, you have to either get a Battle Dice Power-Up, land on the same square as another player or get chosen to duel against somebody else.

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