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Key Quest

Key Quest has been discontinued! Since Neopets transitioned to new servers in September 2014, Key Quest has been offline. In July 2018, it was announced that Key Quest was planned to return as a mobile app, but in December 2019 those plans were officially confirmed as canceled.

Learning to Play Key Quest

Starting a Game | How to Play | Aim of the Game | Number of Keys Per Game | Strategies

So, you want to be a Key Quest master, eh? Well, you're at the right guide. If anything else, read this page of our guide. We've crammed in a ton of strategies and tips for making your games quick and easy to win, effectively maximizing your prizes. We'll start below with basic game play. If you're familiar with Key Quest and you've played before, you can feel free to skip right on down to "Strategies." (Still worth reading the whole thing, though! ;D)

Starting a Game

Note: The faster your computer is, the better and easier time you'll have playing. If possible, try using a friend's faster computer, or perhaps try your local library for computer access. Just remember to log out after using any non-private computers!

To start a game is simple. When you first load up Key Quest, you are presented with some chat rooms to enter, the option to join a "Quick Game", and the option to create your own game.

Inside the chat rooms, you can chat with other players waiting to join a game, along with seeing an available listing of games to join, which refreshes every couple of seconds. Simple enough, to join a game, click on it, and then click the "Join Game" button. If you're in for a quick game, a two-player game is best. But, if you're up for making more Neopoints, playing more mini-games, and getting more nasty power-ups played on you, go for the three or four player games. ;)

Chat with some people, then pick a game!

If you have trouble joining a game through the chat rooms, simply keep trying a couple of different listed games. Chances are, someone already beat you to a spot, and the room hasn't taken the game off of its "available games" listing just yet.

When clicking the Quick Game button on the home section, you'll be quickly paired up with a game about to begin. It's totally random to, so you can get anywhere from two to four players, and where the game takes place could be anywhere as well.

Quick! Join a game!

Your last option is to make your own game entirely. With this route, you have complete control over what board you play on and even who plays your game. You have four options when making your game: the number of keys, the number of players, the board to play on, the chat room your game will appear in, and the ability to invite Neofriends. If you invite the same number of Neofriends as the number of players for the game, then your game won't appear in the public chat rooms.

Make your own game, easy as 1-2-3... 4.

Now, you should be in a game by now! You'll see the "waiting room" area where you and the other players will gather before going to the game board. While you wait, the swirling white circle at the bottom of a token indicates that game data is loading. This basically means that the board images, token animations, etc. are loading before you even get there so that you can start immediately.

Once everyone is loaded and ready to play, you all will roll a die to determine turn order.

Six! Six! Six!

Not only does the roll determine who will go first through last, but it determines the order in which you'll pick your starting Neohome. You'll have four options to choose from, each strategically placed in different areas around the board. Once you play a few games, you'll get a feel for which houses are in the best location for quickly grabbing keys.

Home sweet home!

After everyone picks their starting place, you'll all be whisked off to the game board to begin playing the game!

How to Play

As your turn rolls around, you will always be presented with two options. The first is to play a power-up, and the second is to simply roll the die. Act fast, though, as you have a 15 second time limit to make a decision, or else your turn will be forfeited, and you may even be kicked from the game!

Your turn... play a power-up or roll the die!

It is always to your advantage to use a power-up, because right after you use it, you get to roll. So, if you can steal a key or switch the direction of another player, do it. You'll still get to roll right afterward.

After the use of your power-up, or if you choose not to use one, you'll be presented with a die to click on to roll for your turn. Like any other normal die, you can roll anywhere from a one to a six.

Roll the die!

After you roll, the number you rolled will flash up at the top of the screen where your token's head is. Your token will then proceed to move along the board in the direction it was previously going. The only way to turn around is if you or another player uses a Misdirected Compass on your token or if you get the Arrow Sign Event.

When you come to an intersection where more than one direction is possible, you'll be presented with a set of arrows. You get to choose which direction you'll go, so pick the best direction!

Pick your direction!

Now, after playing a couple games, you'll probably get sick of that Key Quest background music, right? Or perhaps you just want to listen to your own music? Turning off the sound for KQ is easy, as you just have to click on the sound button at the top right of the screen. You also just might want to lower the game volume a bit. That setting is a bit hidden, but it's easy to toggle. If you're in a game, simply click your token's head circle in the chat box to have the settings come up. Scroll to the bottom, and you'll see a sound slider. Slide it to the left to lower the sound. (You can of course change various other settings as well.)

Ahh... quiet at last!

If you're in a chat room, clicking the Gear icon next to your username will bring up the same menu.

Ahh... quiet at last!

Aim of the Game

Of course, the basic aim of the game is to gather at least one of each of the different coloured keys available. These are the five coloured keys: red, blue, green, yellow, and white (unless you're playing a 2- to 4-key game). Your starting house will dictate the most advantageous route for collecting those keys. Basically, you should go for the closest key, and then go from there on a path that gets you the next closest keys, and finishes with you at the end door.

Some keys, like white, yellow, and blue require you to have to go around big loops just to get to them. It's best to win these through mini-games, or through the treasure chest spot.

Looks like you got a white key!

Number of Keys Per Game

If you decide to play a 2, 3, or 4 key game, there will be some differences between them and 5 key games. The main change, of course, is that you only need to collect that number of different coloured keys that the game is based on.

To make this a bit less challenging, not all five colours will appear on the board. ;) There will still be five key spots to land on, but some will be the same colour (meaning that some colours will be easier to collect than others).

Another fairly large change is the prizes. The more keys required to win a game, the better the prizes are that you can win from the Vault:

  • In Five Key Games: First place gets Gold, second gets Silver, third gets Bronze, and the unlucky fourth place player gets Lead. If you get all five different coloured keys, but don't come first, you win Silver.
  • In Four Key Games: First place gets Silver, second gets Bronze, and the third place player gets Lead. The unlucky forth player now gets nothing! If you get all four different coloured keys, but don't come first, you win Bronze.
  • In Three Key Games: First place gets Bronze, and the second place player gets Lead. The unlucky third and forth players both get nothing. If you get all three different coloured keys, but don't come first, you win Lead.
  • In Two Key Games: First place gets Lead, whilst all other players leave with no keys!

In short, you'll earn more Neopoints and have a chance at a much better prize if you play a 5-key game, but the lower key games are nice if you only have time for a quick game. ;)


There are some basic strategies that you can use to help you win the game quickly, and efficiently.

  • Use Power-Ups Wisely: Every turn comes with the ability to use a power-up and to roll the die. Always try to use a power-up, even if it's a sticky hand stealing another sticky hand (that's one less sticky hand your opponent can use to steal from you later).
  • Go For Short Routes: Some keys are in hard-to-get locations that usually require a long distance to move after obtaining it. It's best to win these keys from mini-games or the treasure chest spot.
  • Save Gummy Dies for Opportune Moments: It's most advantageous to use the gummy dies for two reasons: getting onto a specific spot, and moving around the board quickly. If there's a decent spot coming up (such as the treasure spot), save your gummy die until you're within 6 spots. If you need to get somewhere quick, use a gummy die to power ahead 6 spots.
  • Smart Compass: If you use a Misdirected Compass on an opponent who is on a junction, they have no choice but to go back the way that they came from!
  • Number of Players: If you're looking for a short, easy game, go for 2 players. If you want more NP, a harder challenge, and more chatting, go for the 3-4 player games. (Be warned, though, the 4 player games are rather glitchy.)
  • Nasty Transporter Helmet: If you're feeling mean, use your Transporter Helmet to transport yourself to your opponent's spot right as they are about to grab a key you need.
  • Evil Mortog: Even meaner than the Transporter Helmet, this moves you one step ahead of your opponent. This means that if you both have all the keys required, you can pluck victory away from them!
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