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Kacheek Seek

Kacheek Seek Information
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Neopets are always looking for more ways to play and have fun. What better than a classic internet game of hide-and-seek with your active Neopet! Just how well can your Neopet hide? Sharpen your detective skills, as you search around locations of Neopia to find out.

Kacheek shopkeeper
Ha, I'm a pro at hiding!

How to Play

In Kacheek Seek, your goal is to seek out your active Neopet in any of the possible hiding places you can find. You can choose any of the 32 selected locations around Neopia. These locations are categorized into four difficulty levels: Easy Peasy, Medium, Hard, and Quite Hard. Use your mouse cursor to hover over areas of a location to find clickable hiding places. Depending on the location and difficulty you choose, the hiding places can range from 5, all the way up to 15 in the Ruins of Qasala! The more tries it takes to find your Neopet, the less Neopoints you will be awarded. When you've successfully found your Neopet, you will be presented with a similar screenshot as shown below.

Game Screen


The Neopoint reward will increase with each level difficulty. The minimum you can win is 5 Neopoints, and it is possible to earn more than 750 Neopoints at a time. Check below to see the possible Neopoint rewards for each difficulty.

Level Difficulty Neopoints
Easy Peasy 5-21
Medium 5-25
Hard 5-25
Quite Hard 5-30


Finding your Neopet is random, since they can jump around to different hiding places after you've found them. Besides using your mouse cursor, an easier way to find the hiding spots is to press your 'Tab' key and then 'Enter' once a hiding place is selected. This method will allow you to cycle through every hiding place for each location. Sometimes, your Neopet's sayings might be helpful in letting you know how close you are to finding them or if you've searched a hiding location already. Also, if you play for too long, your Neopet will get bored and refuse to hide anymore. Changing your active Neopet will not alter this, so it's best to come back later and play again.

Getting the avatar can sometimes take awhile, since it is randomly given out in a winning game. Choosing one of the Easy Peasy levels would be a quicker approach, since it does not have many hiding locations to click.

Maybe this isn't the best place to hide...

Quick Tips

  • Press your 'Tab' key and then 'Enter' to quickly find all of the hiding places for each location.
  • If you've refreshed every tab and still haven't found your Neopet, you must have missed a hiding place!
  • Choosing an Easy Peasy level would be a faster approach to get the avatar, since there aren't many hiding places to click.

Level Solutions

Each location's hiding spots are outlined in the table. To find a specific location, use the drop down or arrows to navigate and select a name.

Happy Valley
Happy ValleyDifficulty: Easy Peasy
Hiding locations: 5
Tree House
Tree HouseDifficulty: Easy Peasy
Hiding locations: 7
Thieves District
Thieves DistrictEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 7
TyranniaEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 7
Game Room
Game RoomEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 5
On a Pirate Ship
On a Pirate ShipEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 6
Kacheek Kitchen
Kacheek KitchenEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 5
Brightvale Royal Potionery
Brightvale Royal PotioneryEasy Peasy
Hiding locations: 6
Edna's Tower
Edna's TowerMedium
Hiding locations: 6
Mystery Island
Mystery IslandMedium
Hiding locations: 10
Inside a Neohome
Inside a NeohomeMedium
Hiding locations: 6
Roo Island
Roo IslandMedium
Hiding locations: 8
Space Station
Space StationMedium
Hiding locations: 9
Hiding locations: 7
Faerie Library
Faerie LibraryMedium
Hiding locations: 8
Day of Giving
Day of GivingMedium
Hiding locations: 7
Haunted Woods
Haunted WoodsMedium
Hiding locations: 8
Shenkuu Store
Shenkuu StoreMedium
Hiding locations: 8
Illusen's Glade
Illusen's GladeMedium
Hiding locations: 7
Altadorian Chamber
Altadorian ChamberHard
Hiding locations: 8
Hiding locations: 8
Neovian Street
Neovian StreetHard
Hiding locations: 12
The Ice Caves
The Ice CavesQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 11
Faerie City
Faerie CityQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 10
Sakhmet Tent
Sakhmet TentQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 9
Meriacres Farm
Meriacres FarmQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 10
Kiko Lake
Kiko LakeQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 10
Ruins of Qasala
Ruins of QasalaQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 15
Lost City of Geraptiku
Lost City of GeraptikuQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 11
Terror Mountain
Terror MountainQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 11
SakhmetQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 9
Mystery Island Training School
Mystery Island Training SchoolQuite Hard
Hiding locations: 14
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Random when you win a game of Kacheek Seek.

Released: January 28, 2005

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