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JubJub Blackjack

JubJub Blackjack Information
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When you begin the game, you are prompted to place a bet. You must bet at least 1 NP, with the max being 400 NP (500 NP if a Jubjub is your active pet). Once you have placed your bet, you are presented with three choices: hit, stick or double.

  • Hit: you pick up another card. From the blackjack slang 'hit me!'
  • Stick: you pick up no more cards; i.e., 'sticking' with what you've got.
  • Double: you double your existing bet and pick up another card. This can be quite a risky move; only go with this option if you're confident you won't go over 21. If you choose this option, your turn will end afterwards.

After you have had your turn, your Neopet will have theirs. If your pet wishes to pick up multiple cards, they will do so at once rather than waiting for your turn.

Card Values

The number cards (that is, cards 2-9) hold face value; for example, a five of clubs is worth 5, while an eight of neggs is worth 8. Picture cards (the Jack, Queen and King) are each worth 10, while the Ace is worth either 1 or 11.

You achieve Blackjack if you get a total of 21 in two cards; that is, you get a 10, Jack, Queen or King, and an Ace. This hand means you automatically win, regardless of whether your Neopet scores 21 or not. The only thing than can match is if they get Blackjack too, in which case you get your stake back. Just getting a total of 21 in more than two cards is not considered Blackjack, it's just 21.


If either you or your Neopet goes over 21, this is called 'going bust'; to do so is to lose instantly. This means that, say your Neopet ended up with 22, you could have stuck at a total of 11 and still win the round. If both of you remain under 21, then whoever has a total closest to 21 wins the round.

If you win a round, you will receive double your initial stake (after any 'doubles' you may have made are taken into consideration). So if you originally bet 100 NP, then you would win 200 NP. If you get Blackjack, you will win back your initial stake, and then one and a half times your stake over again. So if you originally bet 100 NP, you would win back 250 NP.

If a round is a stalemate (you either both go bust or get the same total), then you just get back your original stake. If you lose a round then you lose your stake. And no, your Neopet doesn't get to pocket your stake if they win. ;)

There is currently no trophy released for this game, even though one is displayed when you visit the game.


As JubJub Blackjack is largely a game of chance, strategic opportunities are limited. There also isn't a limit to how many times you can play. You can maximize your chances of winning by following a couple of simple tips:

  • If you are at 17 or over, do not 'hit' (i.e. choose another card). The odds are too great that another card will put you over 21 and spell the end of your game.
  • Remember the 'double' option. Even though you can only bet a maximum of 400 NP at the start, you can double your bet and get more if you are confident that your next card will get you close to or exactly 21.

That's about it for now. Best of luck!

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