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Jubble Bubble

Jubble Bubble Information
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Once upon a time, Kelby and his posse of Jubjubs decided to go treasure hunting. However, their adventurous plan to go deep-sea diving isn't going too well because Kelby's no-handed friends can't exactly swim in deep waters to save their lives. Now they're spiralling downwards into a bed of sand and Kelby has to save them with his super bubble blowing powers before they break a toenail or something.


Jubble Bubble is simple enough to play; you basically help Kelby blow out a string of bubbles to encase one of his Jubjub friends in so they can float safely to the (underwater) ground. Just hold down your mouse button (the left one if you have the option of two) and you'll see a display of air enclosed in liquid spheres floating up towards the surface, this gauges how high your bubble will go when you release it. When the string of bubbles has reached the falling Jubjub, just let go of your mouse button and a gigantanormous bubble will be released and it'll encase the Jubjub. If you release the bubble too low/high, it'll miss and defy physics by sinking to the floor and bursting. The Jubjub will thwack the ground and sit there looking dazed for a while, causing you to lose one of your lives.

Spitting Bubbles


For each falling object you "save", you get points. Here's the point breakdown:

Object Points
Falling Shell 5 pts
Falling Jubjub 10 pts
Falling Dubloon 25 pts

Bear in mind though that for each Jubjub you miss, you lose a life. Whilst you don't lose any lives for missing the dubloons or shells, if a shell hits you on the head it will give you a nasty headache and you won't be able to blow bubbles for a few seconds. (If you miss a dubloon, nothing happens. :D)


If I were you, I'd take care of the Jubjubs before I'd go for the attractive dubloon; the game really speeds up in the later stages and you're really going to be needing those extra lives then. Once the game does speed up you will notice that you don't have very long to inflate bubbles to cushion the next Jubjub, at this point it is a good idea to start your stream of bubbles whilst you're moving Kelby underneath the Jubjub so you're ready when you get there.

Alright, I've finished my guide. Now I'm off to go save some irresponsible sea creatures, ciao!

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