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Join the JN Staff

Well hello there! If you're here, you're probably interested in joining the JN staff! The positions that we're looking to fill will be listed at the bottom. If you'd like to apply, all you need to do is read below for full details about the application process. All positions at Jellyneo are volunteer.

Information for All Positions

Although we are adding folks for multiple positions, all of them require the following information to be included in your application. Please make sure you include ALL of this, as we will need it upon accepting your application.

  • For every application, include the following basic information:
    • Name (no last names please)
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Country where you live
    • jnAccount username
    • JN forums username (this is required)
    • Neopets username
  • Include a paragraph explaining why you want to work for JN, why we should bring you aboard, and what you think makes you a good fit. Brag all you like here.
  • Read below to see what specific information you need to include for a particular position. (Sample articles, writings, graphics, etc.)
  • Most positions on staff require you to know standard HTML, so please make sure your HTML skills are clean and polished and conform to the W3C standards. (We can do some training here.)

Where to Send Your Application

You should send your application to hiring at jellyneo dot net. For the subject, please format it as: [Your Name] - [Position You're Applying For]


Here are some guidelines on what we're really looking for. We tend to accept exceptional individuals who take all of these guidelines into consideration.

  • You must be at least 13 years of age. No exceptions.
  • We welcome applicants from all over the world, but we do require that you have a firm grasp on the English language since that is the language we produce JN in.
  • Along the lines of age, we really prefer our applicants to be aged 16+. We find that this age group has the most productive individuals, but of course we know there are exceptions out there.
  • Your application should be well written without any grammar or spelling mistakes. We look at misspellings and grammar errors as careless, and we don't want to be hiring those who don't take much care in their work. If you can spell, please show us this talent.
  • Do not call us "JellyNeo." We prefer "Jellyneo."
  • We understand completely that applications, especially the example/sample part, take time. However, if you can't be bothered to put time and effort into your application, we'll also assume that you won't have much time for your work here at JN. :(
  • When we ask for sample work, model it off of the content already here on JN.
  • Don't use any fancy email formatting. Plain black text is good for us!

If you follow the above instructions and guidelines, you should have a much better chance of joining the staff! Now, onward to the positions that are open...

NeoQuest Writers

Description: Jellyneo on the lookout for someone to help put our NeoQuest I guide together, and then revamp our existing NeoQuest II guide. You should have extensive knowledge of the NeoQuest games and be willing to actively play them through as needed.

Your job will be to help finalize our NeoQuest I guide and prepare it for public release. All of the monster, NPC, and boss data is already in and ready to go. We simply need to: (1) properly order the maps, (2) ensure that the full path is mapped properly, and (3) write the accompanying skill/level/boss guides, similar to our NQ2 guide. Light HTML knowledge is required. (Don't worry, we'll get you up to speed on our HTML standards.)

Once that project is complete, we would then like to convert our existing NeoQuest II guide into a database driven guide, which will require a bit of data entry. No programming is required for you.


  • Monthly Requirements
    • Complete a "significant" chunk of the work described above. We're defining significant as at least 3-5 hours worth of work.

Application Details: Please include all of the required info stated in the "Information for All Positions" section above. For us to test your writing skills and NeoQuest knowledge, please write excerpts on the following two topics: (1) tips for beating Xantan the Foul (at the beginning of NQ1), and (2) a recommendation for spending your first 5 skill points in NQ1. Please send your application to hiring at jellyneo dot net, with both your name and "NQ Guide Writer App" in the subject line.

Deadline: March 31st

Content Writers

Description: Jellyneo is constantly on the lookout for exceptional writers and expert Neopians. As a content writer on JN, you will be responsible for writing new content for games, features, and events (as well as old ones we're missing guides for). You should be a dedicated Neopets player.

"Content writer" means a lot at Jellyneo. It's not strictly writing. You should expect to be writing new guides when we need them, updating older content as necessary, responding to bug reports and fixing errors, and more. A lot of the content projects are self-started, so we like initiative!

Since writing is a key aspect, you will need to include a sample guide in your application. Instructions for that are below in "Application Details." If you have ever maintained or published content on a petpage, please send examples of those as well.

As a content writer, you will receive full staff perks, which include access to our staff chat, a caricature after 3 months, places in site events, and refreshing soda in the staff panel.


  • Monthly Requirements
    • Take part in a significant content project each month--whether that's writing new content, revamping and augmenting existing content, or fixing a bunch of bug reports. Coordinate with Chesu.

Application Details: Please include all of the required info stated in the "Information for All Positions" section above. For your sample piece of work, please take our Lever of DOOM article or our Sakhmet Solitaire game guide and revamp it. You should do some basic research to find missing information or things that could be added. Your writing style should be short, concise and to the point. Give users what they want--information about the topic at hand, not fluffy writing! Please host your revamped guide on the petpage of one of your Neopets. Include the URL to your petpage with your application. Please send your application to hiring at jellyneo dot net, with both your name and "Content Writer App" in the subject line.

Deadline: No deadline. This is on an ongoing basis.