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For the fourth year in a row, JN staffers held their annual jnCon and traveled down to sunny Los Angeles for a weekend of fun! This year's attendees included: Dave, Suzuka, Herdy, Kataklysmos, and Perry.

This year's jnCon included an afternoon at the Santa Monica beach, a ride-as-much-as-we-can day at Disneyland, and an evening of wondering when all of our flights were going to land. (There was a fire in Chicago's airport--so many delays!) Unfortunately, this year's trip did not include a TNT visit since we scheduled the trip in September, a couple weeks right before the Neopets transition. So everything was being packed and not many people were working from the office, making a visit difficult--but we look forward to another one for jnCon 2015!

Dave and a buddy at Disneyland

Dave was very proud of his Astro Blasters score. Suzuka really didn't care.

Suzuka and Herdy at the Santa Monica Beach