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Jhudora's Bluff

Jhudora's Bluff Information
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If you fancy a challenge, why not stop by Jhudora's Bluff and try your hand at one of her quests? You can attempt one of Jhudora's quests every 12 hours. Because of their intense rivalry, accepting a quest from Jhudora will prevent you from accepting one of Illusen's quests for a period of 12 hours.

Since these are quests that you can choose to take on, you are able to use the Shop Wizard for finding items. To begin with the items you are asked to retrieve will be of low rarities and are very easy to find, but as the level of quest increases, so too does the difficulty. Once you reach level 20, the "Rarity" index of the items you will be asked for will increase markedly. If you fail to retrieve an item in the alloted time limit, you will fail that quest and have to start over from the beginning.

Higher Levels

At the highest levels, Jhudora will ask for items around Rarities 97 through 100. Many of these items are unbuyable, so your best course of action is to scout the Trading Post and hope that a) the item is for sale and b) the seller is online since you are only given approximately 15 minutes to return with the item. The unbuyable items can sometimes reach into the millions or even tens of millions of NP, so unless you are extremely lucky, this will be very expensive venture.

To earn a trophy, you must do the quests as often and as quickly as possible. For each level, you can earn a maximum of 2,000 points towards your score, but this amount decreases the longer it takes you to hand in the item. There is no limit to how long you can wait between starting quests, but your score will only be determined by quests you complete during the current month.

Warning! If you fail to turn in a quest, not only will you be reset back to level 1, but you will also be removed from the high score table!

Listed below are the rewards Jhudora gives you for completing each of her quests.

Quest Level Reward Item Reward Name
1 Poisonous Lollypop Poisonous Lollypop
3 Noxious Nectar Noxious Nectar
5 Jhudoras Brush Jhudoras Brush
8 Purple Blob Potion Purple Blob Potion
11 Jhudora T-Shirt Jhudora T-Shirt
14 Gnome Shroom Gnome Shroom
17 Caustic Potion Caustic Potion
20 Dark Faerie Magic Dark Faerie Magic
23 Malice Potion Malice Potion
26 Purple Spotted Shroom Purple Spotted Shroom
29 Wind Up Rat Wind Up Rat
32 Toxic Shroom Toxic Shroom
35 Dark Shroom Dark Shroom
38 Jhudoras Potion Jhudoras Potion
41 Bartamus Bartamus
44 Dark Faerie Collar Dark Faerie Collar
47 Portable Cloud Portable Cloud
50 Wand of the Dark Faerie Wand of the Dark Faerie

Jhudora's Cloud Avatar
JhudoraJhudora's Cloud
Complete Jhudora's 20th quest to get this avatar.

Evil Jhudora Avatar
JhudoraEvil Jhudora
Complete one of Jhudora's quests on February 4th to get this avatar.

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