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Illusen's Glade

Illusen's Glade Information
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You can do one of Illusen's quests every twelve hours, except on Jhudora Day. Feb. 4, when Illusen spends the day pouting over the attention given to her rival and refuses to offer any quests. Once you complete one of Illusen's quests, you cannot do one for her or Jhudora for another twelve hours. Listed below are the rewards Illusen gives you for completing her quests. Also, since these are quests you request, you are able to use the Shop Wizard for finding items.

Please keep in mind that while the items that Illusen asks for start at low rarities and are very easy to find, you will notice that as you approach higher levels, the items that she asks for become rarer and rarer in terms of the "Rarity" rating. Eventually, at the highest levels, Illusen will only ask for items around Rarities 97 through 100. Many of these items are unbuyable, so your best course of action is to scout the Trading Post and hope that a) the item is for sale and b) the seller is online since you are only given approximately 15 minutes to return with the item. The unbuyable items can sometimes reach into the millions or even tens of millions of NP, so unless you are extremely lucky, this will be very expensive.

If the item Illusen requests doesn't seem to exist anywhere on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post, it's possible that it's a no-trade item bought from the Neohome Superstore. These aren't generally very expensive, so check the Superstore before you decide Illusen is sending you on a wild goose chase!

To get a high score for a trophy, you need to turn your items in quickly! The maximum amount you can score each level is 2,000 points, but it decreases the longer you take to turn in the item. You should do your quest as early in the Neopian day as you can, and hand Illusen what she wants as speedily as possible. You should then do the quest twelve hours later in the same manner. There is no limit to how long you can wait between starting quests, but your score will only be determined by quests you complete during the current month.

Warning! If you fail to turn in a quest, not only will you be reset back to level 1, but you will also be removed from the high score table!

Quest Level Reward Item Reward Name
1 Illusens Bream Cookie Illusens Cream Cookie
3 Illusens Potion Illusens Potion
5 Illusens Comb Illusens Comb
8 Cucumber Eye Cream Cucumber Eye Cream
11 Illusens Novel Illusens Novel
14 Mud Mixture Mud Mixture
17 Flower Cake Flower Cake
20 Rain Water Shampoo Rain Water Shampoo
23 Rose Shake Rose Shake
26 Earth Spell Book Earth Spell Book
29 Leaf Shield Leaf Shield
32 Illusens Earth Potion Illusens Earth Potion
35 Honey Potion Honey Potion
38 Illusens Scroll Illusens Scroll
41 Illusens Blade Illusens Blade
44 Leaf Taco Leaf Taco
47 Illusens Orb Plant Illusens Orb Plant
50 Illusens Staff Illusens Staff

Illusen's Glade Avatar
IllusenIllusen's Glade
Complete Illusen's 20th quest to get this avatar.

Illusen Day Avatar
Illusen DollIllusen Doll
Complete a quest on Illusen Day, March 17th.

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