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Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine Information
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Ice Cream Machine is a rather confusing game; not because the controls are difficult to understand, but rather the concept of the game is. You see, you're faced with a barrage of giant ice cream scoops... and you're meant to dodge them. O_o Free ice cream hurtling towards your face and you're meant to get out of the way? What madman designed this?!

The Controls

The controls are very simple, you just use your mouse to guide Adee the Chia; wherever your mouse goes, Adee goes.

Playing the Game

In each level you will have to face a delicious onslaught of varying flavours. The ice cream cones lined up along the bottom of the screen will randomly release scoops of ice cream that will travel up the screen. When they reach the top of the game area they will be added to the total of successfully dodged scoops. The number of scoops you will have to dodge in order to continue is displayed at the beginning of each level, along with the flavour of ice cream you will be facing (though that doesn't really affect game play at all). As you progress through the game you will have a greater quantity of scoops to face in each level and they will move up the screen much faster.

Ice Cream Action Shot

The Levels

As I said, the flavour doesn't really affect gameplay at all, but it's just a little added novelty. Here is a listing of the flavours for each level, and the number of scoops you'll need to dodge to advance:

Level Attributes
Level Image Flavour Number of Scoops
1 Strawberry Strawberry 25
2 Vanilla Vanilla 50
3 Chocolate Chocolate 75
4 MInt Mint 100
5 Blueberry Blueberry 125
6 Vanilla Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chocolate Chip 150
7 Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate 175
8 Peach Peach 200
9 Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Vanilla Chocolate Swirl 225
10 Double Chocolate Double Chocolate 250
11 Tigersquash Tigersquash 275
12 Rainbowberry Rainbowberry 300
13 Garlicky Bratwurst Garlicky Bratwurst 325

Special Scoops

Regular scoops of ice cream will earn you five points for each one that reaches the top edge of the screen; though there are special scoops that come with strawberry, caramel or chocolate toppings on which are worth 10 points each when they reach the top of the screen.


There are other bonus scoops which you have to collect (by running into them) to reap the benefits of:

Power Up Scoops
Image What It Does
Cherry 100 point bonus
(resets speed and size)
Fish 250 point bonus
(resets speed and size)
TPOSG 1,000 point bonus
(resets speed and size)
Shield Shields you from scoops for a few seconds - turns red before it disappears
(resets speed and size)
Life Earns you an extra life
(resets speed and size)
Speed Up Increases the speed of the scoops
(can accumulate)
Slow Down Reduces the speed of the scoops
(can accumulate)
Minimize Makes Adee smaller
(can accumulate)
Maximize Makes Adee larger
(can accumulate)
Strawberry Bomb Blows up all the scoops on the screen
(resets speed and size)

Thanks to Isalid for providing the screenie of the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy scoop!

Helpful Tips

Typing the phrase "strawberryvanillachocolate" during the game (most conveniently during the breaks between each level) will give you a free life! One use per game.

Right clicking during game play will automatically end the game, so don't do it!

Try to stay in the middle of the screen slightly towards the top of the screen; from this position you have plenty of room to dodge horizontally if you get a run of scoops clumped together, and you are far enough away from the source of the ice cream to have time to get out of the way.

Collecting the Strawberry Bomb will get rid of every scoop on the screen, including the ones you have already successfully dodged. So they can be useful if you're staring a solid wall of ice cream in the face and you know you won't be able to dodge it, but otherwise I'd advise you to leave them alone.

In earlier levels you can collect the power up that speeds up the scoops to get through the level more quickly and to practice for later levels when things are much faster. On the subject of power ups which affect the speed of the scoops, beware of slowing things down too much; if the scoops start to go too slowly they end up bunching up into huge clusters without enough room to move between them.

As pointed out by Shadowseldi, if you're stuck with no chance of escaping scoops, you can use this little 'teleport' trick to potentially get you out of it. Simply move your mouse cursor out of the game screen and then bring it back into play at another point; hopefully Adee should jump to the new location, out of harm's way. This isn't the most reliable of strategies, however, though it is always worth a try as a last resort.

Easter Egg!

Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Ollie himself! If you leave your cursor inactive for about three minutes between levels, you will hear a chime sound. After this you will notice that, whereas before there was an image of an ice-cream-splattered Adee, you will now see a little image of Ollie jittering about for the rest of your game.


Some people claim that doing this process causes more bonus scoops to appear during your game, but nobody has ever really been able to prove it. It only takes a few minutes though, so it is worth giving it a shot, especially if you're going for the avatar. To see all of the games Ollie is in, and how to get him, read The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.

For another easter egg, on the instructions page (in the game), click on the top of the heart scoop on the bottom right. A loud sound will play and the scoop will change into a fruit scoop!

Ice Cream Machine Avatar
Ice Cream MachineIce Cream Machine
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