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Origin of the Ice Bori

Original Release

Prior to August 2018, there was only one way to turn your Neopet into an Ice Bori: the toolbar Bori special. The special was available towards the end of September 2004 and required that you downloaded a Yahoo toolbar.

Back in the fall of 2004, the Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot was released. Around the same time, Neopets was partnering with Yahoo to release the "Neopets Toolbar", which was just a rebranded toolbar from Yahoo. To entice Neopians to download this toolbar, a promotion was created in that anyone who downloaded the toolbar would be eligible to create a brand new species of Neopet: the Bori.

The Bori played a large role in the Ice Caves Plot (which took place on Terror Mountain). The explanation for their existence was that they had been frozen in ice for a millennium until Hannah was able to break the curse to release them. Thus, a whole new Neopet species was discovered in Neopia.

And so, anyone who downloaded the toolbar had the opportunity to create a Bori, coloured either Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Ice. Only one Bori (Ice or otherwise) could be made per account with the promition, and after the promotion was discontinued, Ice Bori were discontinued as well.

They could not be created at the Rainbow Fountain, through the Lab Ray, and no paint brushes or morphing potions were introduced for the Ice Bori.

To make the Ice Bori even more rare, when you tried to abandon a Bori coloured Ice at the Neopian Pound, it would turn into a plain Blue Bori. It wasn't until the Pound was updated in August 2008 and the transfer option was introduced that you could move an Ice Bori to a different account.

However, over time, the Ice Bori has become far more common due to a few new ways to create them.

Obtaining an Ice Bori Today

There are two ways to create an Ice Bori today:

Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway

Each year since 2010, the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway has been put on in December. It allows Neopians to select one of their Neopets to be converted into any available species/colour combo, with the Ice Bori being an option.

Only a handful of Neopets are chosen each Christmas to actually be converted, so this gives an extremely rare opportunity to obtain an Ice Bori.

Premium Perk Species Change

The less rare and much easier option to create an Ice Bori is to take advantage of the Premium Species Change perk, which became available in August 2018.

This perk only offers the ability to change the species of one of your existing Neopets to another species. There's one small caveat: if the current colour of your Neopet doesn't exist for the new species, you are able to select a new colour from the list of available options for that species, with no restrictions.

This means that if you have a Neopet that is currently painted a colour that Bori cannot be painted (see our Rainbow Pool for a list), then you can change that Neopet into an Ice Bori.

For the full rundown, see our Premium guide.

Original Toolbar Creation

On the very off chance you never redeemed your original opportunity to create a Bori after participating in the toolbar promotion, you can still visit the Toolbar Promo page and create a Bori. Obviously, most Neopians today would no longer have this option.

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