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Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine Information
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Ice Cream Machine is a rather confusing game; not because the controls are difficult to understand, but rather the concept of the game is. You see, you're faced with a barrage of giant ice cream scoops... and you (as Adee the Chia) are meant to... dodge them??? Free ice cream hurtling towards your face and you're meant to get out of the way? What madman designed this?!

Nah...I'd rather eat it!

How to Play

In each level you will have to face a delicious onslaught of varying flavours. The ice cream cones lined up along the bottom of the screen randomly release scoops that will travel up the screen. When they clear the top of the screen, they will be added to your total number of successfully dodged scoops.

Each level has an increasingly larger number of scoops you must dodge in order to pass. In addition, the ice cream will become faster with each level, making the game more difficult. You will begin with 3 lives and if you lose them all, it will be game over! (Hint: for an extra life, type the code strawberryvanillachocolate).

The controls are very simple, you just use your mouse to guide Adee; wherever your mouse goes, she goes. You must successfully dodge the ice cream scoops in order for them to clear the screen. If you are hit with one, you will lose a life. The exception to this rule is for certain bonus scoops (discussed in the next section) - some bonus scoops must be 'picked up' by actually running into them.


Miscellaneous Scoops

There are various other scoops that may appear while you are playing. Their effects range from awarding extra points to affecting scoop speed. Unlike most games, there are (arguably) no bad power-ups - all bonus scoops produce a positive effect in some manner or another.

Although you're used to dodging scoops, the special scoops below must be collected (that is, run into) in order for you to reap their benefits. Some of these (the speed and size bonuses) can accumulate. This means that if you collect two speed increases, the second will increase your speed even further, as opposed to doing nothing. All bonus effects wear off after a short time, though, so don't worry if you accidentally collect one you didn't want.

Finally, most of these scoops will 'reset' the effects of the others. This means that if you have made Adee larger, for example, and then collect a speed increase, Adee will revert back to her normal size. The exception to this rule is the shield effect - you will remain shielded for the full 5 seconds regardless of what other scoops you pick up in the meantime.

Special Scoops
Scoop Effect
Cherry +100 points
Fish +250 points
TPOSG +1000 points
Shield Shields you for 5 seconds
Life Extra life
Speed Up Increases the scoop speed
Slow Down Decreases the scoop speed
Minimize Makes Adee smaller
Maximize Makes Adee larger
Strawberry Bomb Clears the screen of scoops

Unlike the scoops listed in the previous table, the following scoops should be dodged in order to receive their effects. They are the same as the regular scoops in the game, only they contain sauce toppings and are worth double (10 points instead of 5) when they reach the top of the screen.

If by some strange coincidence two or more of these scoops exit the screen at once, you will receive a 15 point bonus for each.

Bonus Scoops
Scoop Effect
Caramel Topping +10 points
Strawberry Topping +10 points
Chocolate Topping +10 points


The scoring in Ice Cream Machine is fairly straightforward - for every scoop that clears the top of the screen, you are awarded 5 points. Extra points are earned for bonus scoops like those with toppings or special scoops like Cherry and Fish. Any power-ups like size or speed increases will not affect your score.

Each level has a minimum number of scoops that must be successfully dodged in order to move on. Once this number is reached, scoops are no longer released from the cones. However, the level will not end until the remaining scoops on the board are cleared. This means that you can (and likely will) earn points for more scoops than required to pass a level. Because of this, it's useful to use the speed increase power-up on easier (slower) levels to increase the number of "extra" scoops that are released - this allows you to rack up extra points at the beginning of the game.

If you receive only the bare minimum number of points for each level, you will not achieve an avatar-worthy score (14,500 points) for completing the game. Don't despair, though, because it is practically impossible to get through a level without earning extra points from bonus scoops (toppings, Cherry scoops, etc.) and "extra" scoops (i.e. clearing 30 out of 25 scoops). You will need to complete most of the game, usually a minimum of 11 levels, to earn the avatar.



The most important strategy in this game is positioning. You want to position your cursor (Adee) near the middle of the screen, both vertically and horizontally. From this position you have plenty of room to dodge horizontally if you get a run of scoops clumped together, and you are far enough away from the source of the ice cream to have time to get out of the way. You can also go over or under ice cream scoops if necessary.

If you become 'stuck' in a corner of the screen and you have no way out without being hit, there is a teleportation trick that has varying results. Simply move your mouse cursor out of the game screen and then bring it back into play at another point; hopefully Adee should jump to the new location, out of harm's way. This isn't the most reliable of strategies, however, though it is always worth a try.

Mint Ice CreamStrawberry Ice CreamPeach Ice Cream

Figuring out when (or if) to collect power-ups is also important to learn. Each user has their own strategy of sorts as to what power-ups they feel comfortable using, but here are some general rules:

  1. Use the speed increase power-ups as often as you are comfortable - they help you increase the number of points you earn in a given level
  2. Be wary of speed decreases - they can create back-ups of scoops that are impossible to dodge
  3. In general, increasing Adee's size is not a good idea - it has no benefits
  4. On the other hand, decreasing Adee's size is always a good idea!
  5. Only use the Strawberry Bomb if you are cornered (or about to be) - when it clears the screen, it also prevents you from earning any points for the scoops on the board and lengthens the level

Quick Tips

  • strawberryvanillachocolate - awards you an extra life (once per game)
  • Right clicking will automatically end the game
  • The shield power-up will turn red after 4 seconds to warn you that it is about to run out
  • In love with the music? Download it here


Below is a listing of the basic information for each level, including the minimum number of points you will receive for completing it. But remember, as discussed earlier you will likely receive more than this number due to bonus scoops and "extra" scoops.

Level Flavour Scoops Points
1 Strawberry 25 125
2 Vanilla 50 250
3 Chocolate 75 375
4 Mint 100 500
5 Blueberry 125 625
6 Vanilla Chocolate Chip 150 750
7 Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate 175 875
8 Peach 200 1000
9 Vanilla Chocolate Swirl 225 1125
10 Double Chocolate 250 1250
11 Tigersquash 275 1375
12 Rainbowberry 300 1500
13 Garlicky Bratwurst 325 1625

Easter Eggs

Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Ollie himself! If you leave your cursor inactive for about three minutes between levels, you will hear a chime sound. After this, you will notice a little image of Ollie jittering about for the rest of your game.


Some people claim that making Ollie appear will increase the number of bonus scoops you receive, but nobody has ever really been able to prove it. It only takes a few minutes to make him appear, though, so it can't hurt to try! To learn more about Ollie's appearances, check out his article.

For another surprise, try clicking on the top of the heart scoop on the bottom right of the instructions page. A loud sound will play and a fruit scoop will appear!

Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine / Guide

Send a score of 14,500+ points in Ice Cream Machine.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 11,600+ points.

Released: February 18, 2005

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