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Haunted Hijinks

Haunted Hijinks


To celebrate Halloween in 2013, the NC Mall is bringing back an event called Haunted Hijinks, which ran during Halloween in 2011. Special mallet packs allow you to bash ghosts in order to receive prizes. You can participate in this on your side account(s). For more information, please read the official FAQ.

Obtaining Mallets

After you obtain a pack, go to your inventory, click on the item, and choose the Activate option.

The Graveyard

Below is a map of all the ghost locations and the day they correspond to:


After activating your mallets, head to the Haunted Hijinks section of the Mall and click on a bright, glowing ghost to bop it. You will then receive your item.

If you joined late, you can still claim prizes for past dates. The final deadline to nab your spooky goodies, though, is October 31, 2013.

October 16

Unsettling Reflection Foreground
October 17

Decorated Witch Hat and Wig
October 18

Shadowy Hands
October 19

Putrid Green Face Paint
October 20

Fabric Pumpkins Garland
October 21

Spyder Lace Dress
October 22

Stitched Doll Face Paint
October 23

Halloween Sweets Staff
October 24

Whimsical Pumpkin Hill Background
October 25

Giant Spyder Jacket
October 26

Wild Mutton Chop Wig
October 27

Skeleton Hands Necklace
October 28

Ghostly Lantern
October 29

Witchy Spyder Web Shoes
October 30

Jack-O-Lantern Tree
October 31

Ghostkerchief String Lights

Bonus Prizes

For bopping special ghosts, you'll receive the following bonus prizes:

Bonus Prizes

For completing all 16 days, you'll receive the following item as a bonus:

Full Completion Prize
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