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Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot Coverage

Jellyneo's Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot Coverage

Guildmaster's Puzzle Chart

Having trouble with the new Guildmasters' Dinner Table puzzle? Think you'll never get who ate what? Then JN is here to help! :) With this wonderful chart, you'll be able to mark down who belongs with what and make sure you don't forget! To make full use of the chart, just print it out. It will print full page, on an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper.

To print the chart, simply click the image below. It will take you to another page with what you will print. Be sure to tell all your friends about the chart so that they can participate in the puzzle as well! :D Just a note as well, we will not be giving out direct answers! We may give a hint or nudge in the right direction, but JN will not provide answers for you. You may, however, discuss the clues in our forum!

UPDATE: A new version of the chart has been made. It now prints more clearly, so there are less blurry words. Nothing but the design was changed, so it isn't a must to switch to the new version!

Print the chart!

Filling in the Chart Tutorial
Having trouble with the chart? No clue what to do? Then take a look at this little tutorial to see how it's done.

Now, suppose one of the clues was: Galem had the Chicken with Vegetables to eat. (Remember, this is a made-up clue!) You'd fill the chart in like so:

REMEMBER: This is a FALSE CLUE! It is being used as an example!

You would put a dot of some kind in the Chicken with Vegetables column because you know that Galem ate that food. You would then put an X in the rest of Galem's food row because we know he did not eat any other foods. We also know that no one but Galem ate the Chicken with Vegetables, so we put an X in everyone else's Chicken with Vegetables columns.