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Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce Information
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Nothing quite compares to the extreme see-saw action of Hasee Bounce! Little is known about what makes the Doughnutfruits and various other food stuffs fly, but Woogy and Jimmi are hungry and have no time for such questions! They happen to love Doughnutfruits, hence the reason they've gone to all the trouble of constructing a see-saw to get to those pesky floating blobs of ripe, doughy goodness. Maybe the Neopian Food Shop had completely run out of food or something, I don't know...

As luck would have it Jimmi and Woogy have but a short time before... er... time... runs out... However! By collecting 'letters' you can extend your time limit; and the less scrupulous amongst you (yes, I'm looking at you!) can type in 'doughnutfruit' during the game to refill the timer. But you didn't hear that from me. ;)


A quick word about the controls then, before we get underway. You can either move the active Hasee to and fro on the branch using your mouse and then click the left mouse button to make him jump off onto the see-saw, or you can use the arrow keys to move him about and tap the space bar to make him jump instead. Which method you use is up to you but I prefer to use the mouse; that way I can type in 'doughnutfrui' at the start while the timer is still on the screen and you can't actually move and then later on I can wait until the last possible second to type in the final 't' and refill the timer. If you use the space bar then it 'cancels out' the bit of the code you already typed and you have to start it over, wasting valuable seconds that would be better spent leaping about!

Game play

What To Collect

Doughnutfruits of course! :) Here is a list of all the Doughnutfruits you will come across in the game and how many points you will get for nabbing each of them. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the points value the rarer they are; so although the Fish Doughnutfruit tempts you with it's promise of 50 points you won't see very many during the average game.


To achieve higher scores you will need to get the hang of linking Doughnutfruits together into combos. You complete a combo when you collect two or more Doughnutfruits in one bounce from the branch to the see-saw (or vice versa). The first Doughnutfruit that you collect is worth its 'base value', that is, the amount of points in the table above; the second one that you collect is worth twice its base value, the third is three times its base value and so on. For example, if you bounced up and collected a Yellow Doughnutfruit, then a Blue Doughnutfruit and finally another Yellow Doughnutfruit you would be awarded 10 points for that bounce. The first Yellow Doughnutfruit would be worth 1 point, the Blue Doughnutfruit (usually worth 3 points) would be multiplied by 2 to add a further 6 points to the total, and then the final Yellow Doughnutfruit would have its base value of 1 multiplied by 3 (as it's the third one you collected) to add a final 3 points.

Letter Doughnutfruit

These are an extremely vital part of game play. In Hasee Bounce you have a set time limit to get as many points as possible. Collecting letter Doughnutfruits award more time for you to get more points. You'll notice in the middle of your screen there is the word 'Hasee' shown as a shadow. As you collect the letter Doughnutfruits, you will fill this out. If you fill it out using a mixture of the orange and purple colours you are awarded 20 seconds. However, if you stick with a single colour and collect either all purple or all orange then you are awarded 40 seconds.

Filling in the Hasee

One thing to keep in mind at all times though is that the colour of letters correspond with the colour of the Hasee that can pick it up. The orange Hasee (Woogy) can pick up orange letters but not purple ones, while the purple Hasee (that would be Jimmi) can pick up purple letters but not orange ones. I would advise to start off collecting only one colour, if you happen to collect a purple letter first then stick with purple as far as you can. However if you're in the last twenty seconds or so of the game then I would switch to just collecting any letters you can to squeeze out as many seconds as possible to grab some last minute points.

It's worth collecting all one colour of letter though purely to see the cute little Hasee (if you can call him little that is...) who pops onto the screen with a happy little squeal when you do so. Oh and you get a bigger time bonus as well. But that's just a happy by-product, it's the Hasee you really want to see. ^_^

What To Avoid

Along with all the sugar-coated, fruity goodness of Doughnutfruits there are other things flying through the air that are to be kept well away from.

Picture Name
Dung Dung
Berry Snotty berry thing?
Gravy Gravy?

If Jimmi or Woogy hit any of these nasties then they will make a little grunt of displeasure and will be unable to collect any other items on the screen for a short period of time. They can really get in the way throughout the game, as you may find yourself having to 'sacrifice' one of the Hasees by having them hit a pile of sludge so that the other one can bounce up in time to nab a rare Doughnutfruit. You can still move your Hasee as they travel through the air though, so more often than not you should be able to guide them out of the way. Forcing them to eat dung for your own amusement is Petpet abuse and will be reported to the Petpet Protection League immediately, you have been warned! *angry face*

Jimmi Waiting to Bounce


This has a whole lot to do with Hasee Bounce. If you can't estimate where you're going to go before you jump then you won't do well in this game. Experiment with the length of time it takes to get from one place to another as a general rule it takes about 2 seconds from branch to see-saw. Remember to look both ways before leaping though, you have 2 Hasees to look out for don't forget; when one goes down the other one is coming up, no matter what may be in that one's way. Time your jumps and dodge the Non-Doughnutfruits and you'll do fine.

Maintaining all these factors gets harder as you progress through. The Doughnutfruits and such start moving faster and faster, until it's pretty hard to predict where and when you should jump. At this point the majority of people will just jump wildly and go for whatever they can get. And who am I to go against the majority? :P

Easter Eggs

As already mentioned, typing in 'doughnutfruit' at any point during play will reset the timer. For an extra little bonus though, type in 'pleasegivemeonemillionneopointsthankyouhasees' (that's 'please give me one million neopoints thank you hasees' only without the spaces). I challenge you not to laugh. ;P


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