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Hannah And The Pirate Caves Gem Guide

Hannah And The Pirate Caves Gem Guide Information
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Heads up! This game requires the Shockwave plugin to run, which was discontinued in 2019, but became hit or miss with its functionality before that. You will likely be unable to play this game unless you have an older computer running older versions of your operating system/web browser (which we do not recommend for security reasons).

This guide has been designed for you to locate all of the gems in the HATPC levels. For a full guide, see our Hannah and the Pirate Caves game guide.

Tutorial 1: Basic Training

(Score up to 16065 points this level)
When you get to the large jumps, drop down into the last jump. Push the boulder down and it will smash the floor. Drop into the floor to get to a secret area. Follow it right for the gem.

Tutorial 2: Arrows

(9860 points)
Jump up onto the top platform by the exit door. Run and jump at the wall above the door. About halfway down the wall you'll enter the secret area. Run and crawl down the passage to get to the gem.

Tutorial 3: Boulders

(10835 points)
When the tutorial guide tells you to run before the boulders trap you, ignore it. Stay in the passage and wait for the boulders to fall, forming a set of stairs. Climb the stairs and jump into the wall at the top of the stairs, near the roof, to find the secret area. Follow and collect the treasure, and continue on for the gem.

Tutorial 4: Dynamite

(12510 points)
At the first gap (where you hit the dynamite from below) when you get to the ground jump up and left to go under the secret area, which is right under the metal crate on the left that didn't explode.

Tutorial 5: Water 1

(13085 points)
Jump into the wall on the left of the exit door to enter the secret passage... follow by jumping for gem. Note: unless you want to fall pretty much back to the beginning of the level, don't go all the way to the gem, just far enough that Hannah will grab it, no further.

Tutorial 6: Water 2

(7275 points)
There is no gem hidden in this level.

Level 1

(15120 points)
Right at the beginning of the level, jump into the wall above the spikes to your left, and you'll fall into a secret area and drop down. Follow to get the gem.

Level 2

(12175 points)
The secret area is in the murky water to your right at the beginning of the level, in the left wall at the first large pit with four spikes. Follow for gem. An extra life lies past the underwater crates and treasure chests.

Level 3

(11925 points)
Once you've broken the platform you start out on in the beginning of the level, in the floor there's a secret passageway. Need I even bother telling you to follow it for the gem?

Level 4

(12250 points)
Once you've got the steel crates to drop, you'll hear another arrow crate break. Go over to the other side of the level (away from the exit door) and clamber up the boulders and jump onto the platform to get the gem.

Level 5

(11475 points)
Above the spikes (where the extra life is/was) and in the wall to the right there is a secret passage... wait for area to fill with water then swim into the secret area.

Level 6

(18240 points)
Jump onto the platform above the exit door, then up onto the platform in the wall above that. Keep jumping up then follow the corridor. Jump and hit the crate beneath the gem to knock it down (or just jump at an angle and hope you hit) and then go retrieve it.

Level 7

(14520 points)
No gem. There is an unreachable arrow under the pile of crates underwater and through the secret passage to the right. To exit the secret area, head to the left near the arrow and push the boulder through the spikes.

Level 8

(17780 points)
To get the Extra Life, go left after hitting the first pile of chests into a secret area. Jump left over the gap to find the heart and go back right to return. Continue the level. After blowing up a huge section of metal crates and going down the ladder to the left, search the left wall for a secret area just below the ladder. Hit the only arrow and crawl right as fast as you can. Collect the gem when it falls. Jump up the hidden steps to the right to exit.

Level 9

(12000 points)
No gem. There is another out of reach arrow if you find the underwater treasure chests and the secret area to the right, and swim straight up.

Level 10

(19400 points)
To get the Extra Life, after the forty-something boulders fall down behind you, jump back and find a bunch of crates in the top-right corner of the chamber. Continuously break the crates one by one until the Extra Life appears. Continue the level. Before you reach the exit, wait a moment for the boulders to fall. The boulders make a path to the left, so you should fall down and join them. Head left first, all the way, until you reach a ladder. Jump up and collect the gem before returning to the right. To get to the exit then, you'll need to take a big breath and push the boulder to the right. Emerging on the other side, you'll recognize the beginning of the level. Continue like you did last time, but jump up the boulder staircase to the end.

Level 11

(about 25135 points)
In the room with the swimming skeleton enemy, drop the right boulder to the left. Then push the left boulder to the left over the spikes. Head down the secret area there and collect the gem. Head right and drop down. Now swim down, collect all the treasure chests and crates, and push the boulder to the right, making sure to go up for air. Head down and to the right to get the Extra Life, and head back left and up to return.

Level 12

(14160 points)
When you clear the bottom hole in the rightmost corner, drop down into it and find the secret area to the right. Hit the arrow and head back to the left to find the gem.

Level 13

(19580 points)|
Instead of exiting the level, don't touch the boulder near it and jump to the right past the door. Find the secret area to the right and drop down, continuing right. Hit the arrow and head left, waiting for the metal crates to fall. Collect the gem and head left through the water. Continue left and up until you reach the exit. To get the extra life, push the boulder to the left and follow it. You should reach a cavern with many wooden boxes and the extra life to the right. To return, wait for the water to rise back up to the exit.

Level 14

(11725 points)
After you dodge the three-arrow trap, head back to the right and collect the gem. Continue left to finish the level.

Level 15

(20285 points)
When diving underwater in this level, search the lower portion of the far left wall for a secret passage. Take a deep breath and carefully, but quickly, swim to the gem and back to the air hole. Afterwards, run back to the first swimming pool.

Level 16

(about 25015 points)
After collecting all the treasure and reaching the door, climb up the two ladders again. Keep jumping up to where you hit the first arrow and jump through a new gap to an Extra Life. From there, take a big leap to the left as far as you can. You should be falling down the left wall of the huge chamber. Stay still (while falling) until you land on a metal crate. Jump to the left, collect the gem, hit the arrow, and carefully make your way back to the door.

Level 17

(25930 points)
Instead of rushing to the exit, swim over it and find the secret entrance to the left. Collect the gem and jump back up.

Level 18

(19720 points)
In the room with 16 treasure chests, collect the lot but continue left. Jump at the wall and follow the secret passage. When you reach the other side, jump up to get the gem and climb back down to get back to the rest of the level.

Level 19

(45855 points)
After hitting the arrow after the eight treasure chests near the bottom, wait for one arrow to come up from below. Before the other two come up, drop below and jump back up to the right. While the arrows are going, hit the arrow above your head. It will take the gem a while to fall, so you can collect the treasure beneath you if you wish, or just stand there. Take the gem and any remaining treasure and leave as soon as possible.

Level 20

(18860 points)
Before exiting the level, wait until all the boulders come to rest and drop down below the door to find a secret area to the left. Continue left, and then hop to the top of a huge pillar of wooden platforms. Veer right, collect the gem, and go back left. Fall back down to the ground, and jump back through the secret area to the exit door.

Tips on Earning Points

Remember to collect as many of these as possible to maximize your score!

  • Breaking a metal or wooden crate: 15 points
  • Breaking one section of a wooden platform: 30 points
  • Breaking an arrow crate: 45 points
  • Treasure Chest when first collected: 55 points
  • Breaking a dynamite crate: 75 points
  • Gem when first collected: 85 points
  • Treasure Chest at end of level: 500 points
  • Gem at end of level: 5000 points
Hannah and the Pirate Caves

Hannah and the Pirate Caves / Guide

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Released: October 6, 2004

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