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Jan 3 - Aisha Day
Jan 6 - Gnorbu Day
Jan 11 - Buzz Day
Jan 14 - Sloth Day
Jan 16 - Elephante Day
Jan 29 - Kacheek Day

Knights vs. Raiders, let the challenge begin!
The Advent Calendar is here for all of December!
Complete the Altador Mini-Plot!
Look sophisticated while chatting on the Neoboards
Help us model your pets!
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A Guide to Neopia!

Take a tour of the Virtupets Recreation Deck!

On the Recreation Deck, you can grab some lunch at Grundo's Cafe, or play some classic games such as Gormball and Spell or Starve. (But it's probably best to grab lunch first!)

Warning: The game going under the name "Splat-a-Sloth" is currently not endorsed by JN, as it presents a negative image of our beloved overlord Dr. Sloth. We at JN cannot be held accountable for any "situations" you may find yourself in after playing "Splat-A-Sloth." All hail Sloth!

Visit the Virtupets Recreation Deck!

Visit the Virtupets Recreation Deck!

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