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Guess the Weight of the Marrow

Guess the Weight of the Marrow Information
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Every day, Neopians flock to Meri Acres Farm to participate in the greatest game since potato counting... marrow weighing! Once daily, a marrow, which is a green zucchini-like vegetable, is put on display in Meridell by a proud farmer, with the opportunity to win a prize by guessing its weight.

Marrow Guesser
Wait, why don't we guess the weight in kilos?

How To Play

To play Guess the Weight, simply travel over to the Meri Acres Farm, or visit the Marrow directly. Once there, type your guess into the box and click the "Guess!" button. You can only guess once per day.

The weight of the marrow differs each day and is completely random. It will, however, always be between 200 and 800 pounds and be a whole number. (In other words, no decimal weights, such as 300.5 pounds.)


Unfortunately, there are no known patterns for what the weight ends up being each day. As long as your guess is a whole number between 200 and 800 pounds, you have an equally possible chance of winning as anyone else.

One possible strategy might be to consistently guess the same number each day. It doesn't increase your odds, but it may give you some piece of mind when guessing.

Competition Closures

If the competition has not yet started for the day, you will see the following message:

Sorry, today's competition has not started yet!
Marrows take a while to grow, so why not check back in a few hours to see if today's game has started!

If you have already submitted a guess for the day, you will see the following message:

Sorry, you have had your guess for today!
Please try again tomorrow!

If the competition has already finished (meaning that 10 people have guessed correctly), you will see the following message:

Sorry, today's competition has already been won :(
Try again tomorrow!


If you are one of the first ten correct guessers, you will win one of the following prizes:

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