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Grumpy Old King

Grumpy Old King Information
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Well, I suppose having your neighboring countries belittling both your army and your intelligence would put you in a rather bad mood. Though really, you'd think a king would have better things to do than having a bunch of random people attempt to make him laugh. Oh well, just means more potential Neopoints for you!

King Skarl
You'd better not disturb me during lunch though.

It seems that King Skarl's sense of humor is rather strange. In fact, it's completely random which reaction he'll have to your attempts of entertainment (the points he awards you also don't seem to fall in any regular pattern). The jokes don't even have to make sense and he can be in hysterics!

Skarl's Reactions
Reaction Reward
Hysterics This is most difficult reaction to obtain from the greedy tyrant, but he'll reward you nicely with some only-obtainable-from-Grumpy-Old-King food along with quite a few Neopoints. The items you can receive are shown below this table. You will also receive the Blumaroo Court Jester Avatar if Skarl reacts with hysterics to any joke whose setup is What do you do if *blank* fierce Peophins *blank* has eaten too much *blank* tin of olives?" regardless of the punchline.

Chuckle Here he'll reward you with something from the kitchen, and sometimes he'll add a few hundred NP to your prize. The items you can receive are shown below this table.
Thanks for Trying Well if he didn't reward everyone with something then in no time there would be a mutiny on his hands. You'll get a small amount of Neopoints for this outcome. Occasionally he will 'be feeling nice today' and will randomly award a 10x bonus. (Thanks to sahransoot for this tip.)
No Effect No Reward. Zip, nada, nothing.
Worst Joke Ever Skarl may be angry, but you will be awarded the Moody Avatar.



Like his brother King Hagan, the grumpier of the two needs regular breaks. You won't find Skarl on his throne at the hours of 8-9AM NST, 1-2PM NST and 7-8PM NST. Come back later to try your luck!


There are also two possible avatars to be won from this game!

Skarl - Moody

Skarl - Moody / Guide

Get thrown out of the castle when telling King Skarl a joke.

Released: July 30, 2004

Blumaroo Court Jester

Blumaroo Court Jester / Guide

Awarded randomly when you make King Skarl laugh by telling him the following joke: "What do you do if *blank* fierce Peophins *blank* has eaten too much *blank* tin of olives?" (The answer can be anything).

Released: January 27, 2004

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