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Gourmet Foods List

ThornataCookie NeggAcara Cabbage Cake

Does your pet have an appetite for the finer foods of Neopia? If so, your pet could earn a reward for being a picky eater! What do you have to do? Eat any gourmet food.

Is your pet too bloated to eat? You can either wait for your pet to grow more hungry, or feed them Rainbow Melt Pizza. This gourmet food, the only known true hunger decreaser on Neopets, will change your pet's hunger level to "very full" and allow your pet to continue eating.

Flat-u-less Tablets may cure Bloaty Belly,
but this is the only cure for bloatedness

For an item to be "Gourmet", it needs to be a food and it needs to have a rarity from 90 to 100. If your pet eats one of these foods, it will count towards your Gourmet Club Rating. (Skeiths and Grarrls unfortunately can't eat any gourmet furniture and have it count!)

Luckily, we've taken out all of the guesswork for you, and we've set up a complete gourmet list in our Item Database. (Yes, we're just so nice. :P)

Click here for the list!

Click here to use our fancy Gourmet Club Food Tracker!

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