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Goparokko Information
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After clicking on the 'Start Game' option at the menu screen you will be given a choice of three difficulty settings. Oh yes, we don't mess about here. The only real difference between the difficulties is the rate at which the timer runs out; in Easy mode it drains at a snail's pace, in Medium mode it runs out a little bit faster, and in Hard mode you will find yourself running out of time much faster. The scoring also works a bit differently, but we'll get to that later.

Upon beginning a game you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Game Screen

It's a pretty simplistic game screen, nothing that really needs explaining. Just as a note, though, the background image will change throughout the game as you progress in 'level'. And the levels aren't really levels, they're just markers when you reach a certain amount of points and the timer starts to empty more quickly.

The object is to move the tiles into 2 x 2 blocks of the same colour to make them magically disappear; you rotate the tiles using your glowing selector. Each time you click the left mouse button, the four tiles highlighted inside the square will rotate one place clockwise. To make things a little more interesting there are a few special tiles to contend with during the game. (There is also a x4 tile in the game, it's effect being to multiply your points for a clearance by 4).

Special Tiles
The fourth tile down actually changes colour but you can't see that in this screenie :(


Okay, this is the useful part, the bit that tells you how to get rid of the tiles in a way that maximises your scoring. We shall start with the most simple, the basic 2 x 2 clearance. To set this up is very easy and there are multiple ways of doing it; essentially you just have to rotate the tiles around until you have four of them in a block together.

Regular Clearance
After clicking, the tiles rotated and the green ones vanished

Clearing a 2 x 2 block like this will earn you a score of 4 multiplied by the basic tile worth. In Easy mode each tile is worth 4 points, in Medium mode each tile is worth 6 points, and in Hard mode each tile is worth 8 points. The next step from this is to start clearing more than the prescribed 2 x 2 blocks of tiles and forming a 'chain bonus'.

Chain Clearance
After a rotation, both the red and all six blue tiles disappeared

You are awarded a 'chain bonus' of however many tiles you cleared; it isn't really much of a bonus though, you just get the number of tiles you cleared multiplied by the basic worth of each tile. So it's just like clearing them all in the regular 2 x 2 blocks, only faster. The REAL points lie in 'combo bonuses, like so:

Combo Clearance
Once the blue tiles vanish, the embedded purple tile will appear and clear the block of purples as well

A 'combo bonus' will earn you the initial points for clearing the 2 x 2 block of tiles, then you will receive the points for the second set of cleared tiles and the original block over again. So in this case I received 32 points for clearing the blue tiles, then another 32 points for clearing the purple ones, and an additional 32 for the blue ones again. It can be a bit confusing, just think of it as a sort of a pyramid; your first move goes at the top, then the second layer is your first move plus your second one and so on. Effectively you can string together as many combo steps as you are able to in order to reap massive points bonuses. :D

Final Tips

I would recommend starting on Easy mode while you get the hang of rotating the tiles and looking for patterns on the board. With more time to experiment you can figure out how to set up chains and combos, then you can make the transition up to Hard mode where the scoring is much better. If, however, you don't mind a slower-paced game then you may as well stick with Easy mode. You'll get to the same score, it will just take you a bit longer.

Always get rid of locked tiles as soon as possible, otherwise chances are another one will appear right by it and then you won't be able to get in to clear either of them. You get the same amount of points for clearing a locked tile as a regular one, but knowing you have the freedom to move everything around again is worth going out of your way for it.

Goparokko StaffGoparokko PlushieGoparokko Staff

And that's about it. :) Good luck with your own personal battles, I'm off to try and beat my current high score. See you in a few days!


Goparokko / Guide

Send a score of 8,500+ points in Goparokko.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 6,800+ points.

Released: November 21, 2013

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