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Ghoul Catchers


The Warf, the Red Cyodrake and the Neucloop are three petpets brave enough to go inside the haunted houses with you! Each petpet provides the option for you to use up to two different power-ups for specified levels. In the Brightvale Map, the Warf is the only petpet available. The Faerieland Map introduces the Cyodrake and allows you to choose either the Warf or Cyodrake for specified levels. The Neucloop is available at house 42 in the Terror Mountain Map. Below are the power-ups each provide:

Petpet Powers-ups
TailchaserPrismatic Sparkler
Red Cyodrake
Red Cyodrake
FireballSpit Fire
Block BusterInk Splash

To select a petpet, simply click on the one you wish to use before you go inside the house. If there are no numbers on the power-up, then there aren't any available to use.

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