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Jumpin' Gem Heist

Jumpin' Gem Heist Information
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Ever feel like breaking your good-guy streak to go out and grab a few precious gemstones from some evil miners? Well, now's the time. Solly the Sandan, avenging his beloved owner Helfin, is taking ill-gotten gemstones from a thieving Bori Miner and using the profits to help Neopia's poorest citizens. So, it's time to grab some rocks and knock over some baskets.

Basics of the Game

The game screen.

This is what your game will look like!

  1. This is Solly. You'll be moving him with your mouse to catch gemstones and power-ups.
  2. These are gems, some of them represented by color-coded triangles that show where they are above the screen. To catch them, simply place Solly underneath them.
  3. These are baskets. They carry the gemstones. To get the gemstones out, click your navigation tool (mouse, tablet, touchpad, etc.) while you are underneath one. This will make Solly throw a stone, which will tip the basket.
  4. This is the clock; it shows you how much time you have left before the game is over.
  5. This is your score, which will go up when you start to catch gemstones.
  6. These are your stones. You start off with three that you can use to knock baskets over.
  7. This bar shows you how many more gemstones you will need to catch to start the next level.
  8. This is the Bori Miner. He doesn't do anything, though he does make some pretty great faces.

To move Solly across the game screen, slide your cursor right and left using your navigation tool of choice. To throw a stone at a basket, simply left click. After you have knocked one of the baskets, the gems inside will fly out and you can catch them by positioning Solly underneath each. Be sure you re-catch your stone as well as the jewels.

At the beginning of the game, you will start off with three rocks and 120 seconds on the clock with no pausing (make sure you have two minutes to spare for this game). Dropping one of your stones is like losing a life; if you drop all of your stones, it will be game over. However, there are occasionally new stones to earn in baskets that look like the one below. To get these power-ups, simply knock the basket they are in and catch them like you would a gemstone.

Turning over a new stone...

If you already have three stones, grabbing another one will earn you a sweet 750 bonus points.

If the clock runs out of time, the game will be over as well. There is a way to prolong the game, however, by catching clocks that will appear in the baskets. Each clock will give five extra seconds and will look like the one below. To get these, knock the basket they are in and catch them like a gemstone or extra stone.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock!

The Gems, the Rocks, and the Meteorites

The way points are earned in this game is through collecting the gemstones that fall out of the baskets you knock with your rocks. Each gem is worth a different amount of points, as indicated in the following table:

Gemstone Worth
Red gem 100
Blue gem 200
Purple gem 300
Green gem 500

However, the baskets above Solly will not only be carrying gems. Occasionally, the baskets will also contain refuse rocks. Avoid these when they fall. If you are hit with one of these rocks, you will be stunned and unable to move for three seconds, losing you some highly important time.

The Rocks
Rock One Rock Two Rock Three

Make sure that you're ready to dodge some falling rocks when the following picture pop up!

Danger: Falling Rocks

Pretty self-explanatory...

Rocks will fall from the sky, and they'll even be on fire. These are no worse than the usual rocks, but avoid being hit at all costs, they will still stun you for three seconds.

Gameplay Tips

  • The bigger the gems, the better! Most often, it will be more profitable for you to go for a basket with a few larger gems than it will be for you to go for a basket with a lot of smaller gems.
  • Watch the clock. When time starts to get low, be sure you start knocking over baskets with clock power-ups.
  • Try to get as many gems in a row as you can. You will be rewarded with a fantastic 1000 point bonus every time you manage to catch five gems in a row!
  • Don't wait to catch all the gems from one basket before knocking another. As soon as you get your stone back, tip another basket so that you are constantly catching gems.
  • If playing this game is difficult for you with a touchpad, try it with a mouse or other navigation device you might have, like a tablet.
  • If two carts are close enough to each other, throwing your stone between them will tip both.
  • Finally, remember that time is the most important thing! Skip catching a gem if it means you might get hit by a rock.
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