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The Fungus Cave

Driven from the jungles of Tyrannia, Krawks made their way to Krawk Island. After many years of thriving as the sole habitants, pirates began to migrate to the island. The Fungus Cave was always there, but the pirates found it largely uninteresting, seeing as the only thing the caves contained was a nasty fungus growing throughout the cave walls.

Fungus Cave
You have entered a dark dank cave with lots of fungus all over. It is cold and you start to shiver. There does not appear to be anything of interest in this cave...

The Cave

If you look closely, the cave can be found in the cove just above the Governor's Mansion, to the right of the Dubloon-O-Matic.

Fungus Cave Location
The cave is only hidden if you don't know where to look...

The Magic Fungus

Visiting the Fungus Cave with any of the Krawk petpets (not zapped) attached to your Neopet will reveal the cave's magic. Instead of being greeted with an eerie message, you'll be given the option to feed the cave's fungus to your Krawk. Provided that you have space and your Krawk has a unique name, feeding the fungus to your petpet will transform him or her into a Krawk Neopet.

It sounds so appetizing, can you really say no...?

The Petpets

Each Krawk petpet corresponds with the color of a Krawk Neopet. For example, if you feed fungus to a Plushie Krawk petpet, it will transform into a Plushie Krawk Neopet. All of the Krawk petpets are listed below.


  • The Fungus Caves is currently the most expensive way to create a Krawk. The Get A Krawk guide contains more information on cheaper alternatives.

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