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The Fungus Cave

The Spooky Fungus Cave!

It's a dark and dank cave; a dark, dank, smelly, wet, poorly-ventilated and covered in fungus cave! One might wonder why in Neopia this random little cave was created. Well, I'll tell you why: it's because... this is the secret base of the killer Meepits!

Meep meep...
"Uh-oh, they're on to us..."

Ha ha, well, not really. (Just thought that Meepit bit would liven up this short article... Moving on...) The Fungus Cave is actually used for raising Krawks! Back when Krawk Island was first released, a whole new Neopet was created to go with it, namely the Krawk. Originally, Krawks were crocodile-like petpets that could be purchased at the Tyrannian Petpet shop. However, with the release of Krawk Island, Neopians could bring their Krawk petpets and turn them into full-grown Neopet Krawks by feeding them fungus from the Fungus Cave!

Where can you find the cave on the Krawk Island map? Take a look at the picture below!

Fungus Cave Location

Now I'm a spiffy Blue Krawk!

If you want the whole process of how to get a Krawk, you can click here!

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