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Freaky Factory

Freaky Factory Information
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Neopians have been playing with cute little figurines for ages, completely oblivious of the dark secrets behind their production...

Sloth Screen

In this game you play a factory worker employed by Krelufun Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Virtupets Inc. (the corporate arm of Dr. Sloth's empire.) It's nearing the end of the quarter and management have just closed a deal on a huge amount of little Neopet miniatures, much more than the factory could produce. But that's not their problem, is it? Oh no... and if that order cannot be fulfilled it's YOUR job on the line!


You only need your mouse to play this game. If you're playing on a laptop with a touchpad then it might be a good idea to make the playing screen as large as possible; some of the objects you need to click in the game are rather small and as it can be harder to aim using a touchpad you will want to maximise your target area.

Playing Screen

The game screen can look a bit overwhelming because a lot of the art is just for show, like the multitude of tubes leading from the vats and the machinery around the edges. Although these touches don't play any real role in the game is does make things nicer to look at. Here is a basic break down of the game screen:

Playing screen


First of all, take a look at the 'toy requirements' that will appear in the little window on the right of the screen. It doesn't particularly matter what species of Neopet it is you're making, all that's really important is the colour of it and the little bars next to it. The bars show you how many measures of each colour of Kreludite you need to make the desired toy(s), one toy will require two measures of whichever colour it is. For primary coloured toys you will only need two measures of either red, yellow or blue Kreludite; for secondary colours or rainbow toys you will need to mix measures of different colours to get the desired paint job.

Blobs of Kreludite will go by on the lines at the top of the screen and you have to click on them as they pass to get them to drop into the vats below and fill them up. How fast the blob is moving will depend whether it all but drops straight down or if it keeps moving forwards as it falls. There are four sizes of blob; small ones that will paint half a toy, medium ones that will paint a whole toy, large ones that will paint one and a half toys, and extra large ones that will paint two and a half toys.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements for the toy, the Kreludite needed to make it is drained from the vats and the toy is put into a queue (denoted by the little green lights above the tube on the bottom right), at which point the requirements for the next toy will appear in the window. The toys in the queue are released one at a time onto the conveyor belt, where they travel across the bottom of the screen and into a chute on the left. Only once the toy has fallen into the chute on the left does it count towards the total toys needed for the level. If it gets stolen by the Grundo Thief or you run out of time with it still on the conveyor belt then it doesn't count.

What Not To Do

The only way to progress to the next level is to complete the number of toys listed at the beginning of the level, the number necessary increases with each passing level. However, there are a number of ways you can lose the game.

Each colour of Kreludite can only go into it's corresponding vat; if you accidentally drop a blue blob of Kreludite into the red vat then, rather than adding to it, it will detract that amount from the vat and it will be added to your 'spill level' instead. Likewise if you miss the vats completely and the blob falls onto the conveyor belt, or if you overfill one of the vats (any excess will be added to your spill level). Once your spill level fills completely it is game over. You also have a time limit, if you fail to make the required toys in the time given then you will also lose the game.

The Grundo Thief

During the game this pesky fellow will pop up at the bottom of the screen and nab toys off the conveyor belt, undoing all your hard work. He blends in with the background alarmingly well so sometimes you might not even notice he's there, until he makes off with your poogles that is. If he appears you can get rid of him either by clicking on his head or by dropping a blob of Kreludite so that it hits him in the head. The latter is less time-consuming but you run the risk of adding to your spill level if you miss him.

Grundo Thief

Special Blobs

Aside from the regular coloured blobs of Kreludite, you will come across the following special blobs in the course of the game:

Special Blobs
Picture What It Does
Speed Blob Speed Blob: Speeds the conveyor belt for a few seconds
Freeze Blob Freeze Blob: Slows the conveyor belt for a few seconds
Angel Blob Angel Blob: Completely fills any vat it is dropped into
Clean-up Blob Clean-up Blob: Cleans up a chunk of your spill meter
Glowing Blob Glowing Blob: Upgrades each toy on the conveyor belt (red become orange, purple become rainbow etc.)
Clock Blob Clock Blob: Adds five seconds to the clock timer
Atom Blob Atom Blob: Completely fills all three vats. Only available in later levels

You will also spot some Evil Blobs going past at the top, these look like regular blobs of Kreludite but with an evil grin.

Evil Blob

One thing that gives them away is how they enter the screen. Regular red blobs will only ever enter from the right side of the screen and blue ones from the left, to give you time to react and click them (since yellow is in the middle they can appear on either side). However, 'evil' red blobs will often appear from the left side of the screen and blue ones from the right, although they can come from either. If you click on an Evil Blob it will melt to reveal a fuzzy thing with horns, as shown here:

Evil Blob Unleashed

If those land in any of the vats then it will empty them of some of the Kreludite in them and add it to the spill level instead, or if it lands on the conveyor belt it will add a fair amount to your spill level as well. So if any of the blobs are grinning back at you it's best to avoid them. And if they land on your beautifully dyed plushie, well, let's just say we don't think it'll be sold very easily...

Black Plushie

And don't forget to watch out for these humongous blobs of DOOM! Yoyote was nice enough to provide us with a screencap of this elusive blob. Don't use this unless you're absolutely desperate and confident that a clean-up blob will come after it soon; sure, it'll fill up your vat in no time flat, but it will also overflow and spill out. That's how humongous and doom-worthy this is.

Easter Eggs

During the game, you may notice staff members and Kadoaties popping up out of the vats after you drop Kreludite into them. These don't serve any purpose, you can't click on them or whack them with blobs, they're just there to break up the monotony a little bit.


Scoring is based on the toys you create and how difficult they are to make; each species has its own points value and it gets multiplied by whatever colour is it painted, as so:

Scoring Table

You can also earn bonuses in the following ways:

Time Remaining Bonus: Any extra time at the end of the level is converted into points and added into your score.
Toys on Conveyor Belt Bonus: A bonus is given for the extra toys remaining on the conveyor belt once you have done enough to complete the level.
Toys in Queue Bonus: A bonus is given for the toys that are ready but have not yet been produced when the level ends.
Consecutive Bonus: If you can create a chain of toys on the conveyor belt you will get a bonus which increases depending on the number of toys you can string together.
Halo Bonus: If an Angel Blob misses the vat but lands on a toy's head, it will turn into a tiny halo! It's probably not worth trying to do this on purpose, as it's only worth a very small amount, but it's something of a cute little feature.

Halo Bonus
Now, where did we leave our harps?


In earlier levels fill up the two vats that you DON'T need first. So if, for example, you need to create a red Kau then fill up both the yellow and blue vats to the top first and then wait for a big red blob to drop into the red vat. This way you have a head start and can just keep topping up the vats so that, hopefully, you are able to create a string of all 10 toys necessary to complete the level and reap a huge consecutive bonus.

Use the Speed and Freeze Blobs to your advantage. Use a Freeze blob to slow the conveyor to a crawl when you have a lot of toys queued up, this will cause them to line up on the conveyor really close together and will give you a huge consecutive bonus. Also, use the Speed Blob at the end of a level when you have a chain of toys on the conveyor to nab a consecutive bonus and also a time remaining bonus. If you can use both together then even better! :D

Remember that faster moving blobs require more room to fall. When things start speeding up you will need to start clicking blobs almost as soon as they appear in order to give them time to fall into the vats.

As stated earlier, you can get rid of the Grundo Thief by bopping him on the head with a blob or Kreludite. Also, if a blob misses a vat and hits a toy on the production line it will change the toy colour to that of the blob; although this may cost you points if it ends up downgrading a toy, it's still better than adding to your spill level.

Always click on Clean-Up and Glowing Blobs, they will prove to be invaluable in later levels to keep you in the game and to help boost your points total.

Poogle ToyScorchio ToyChomby Toy

Special thanks go to BertyBee for helping with the screenies!

Freaky Factory - Yoinked

Freaky Factory - Yoinked

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