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Noda's Fortune Cookies

Training Fortune Cookie

The Training Fortune Cookie was released on January 24, 2013. It grants 5 days of reduced time to train at the three training schools.

Training Fortune Cookie

125 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie can be activated from your inventory. After activation, simply enroll a Neopet at one of the three training schools.

You may not open additional cookies while one is active. You'll need to wait for your current cookie to expire before opening more.


For 5 days from opening, you'll receive a reduction of 30-75% on the time it takes to complete a course at either the Mystery Island Training School, Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy or the Secret Ninja Training School. To take advantage of the reduced time, simply enroll a Neopet in a course at one of these schools.

Time reduction, as mentioned above, is randomly awarded to be 30-75% in 5% increments. (For example, 30%, 35%, 40%, etc.) Higher reductions (i.e. more than 50%) are more rare than lower reductions. The reduction is only applied to new enrollments. It will not be applied to current courses. Likewise, if you enroll in a course that takes longer than the time you have left on the cookie, you'll still receive the discounted time.


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • Battles are won by the well-prepared.
  • He who trains wisest, finishes first.

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