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Altador Cup VII
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Noda's Fortune Cookies

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

The NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie was released on May 9, 2013. It grants the ability to donate old, unwanted NC items.

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

175 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie can be activated from your inventory. After activation, visit the Money Tree in Neopia Central to begin donating.

You may not open additional cookies while one is active. You'll need to wait for your current cookie to expire before opening more. The expires on the day of expiry as soon as you make your donation for the day.


For 4 days from opening, you'll be able to donate 2-4 old, unwanted Neocash items to the Money Tree. You may donate once per Neopian day (12:00 AM NST - 11:59 PM NST). You must donate the full number of items that your cookie requires to get a prize each day. For example, if you are permitted to donated 4 items per day, you will not be able to donate 3 items and still get a prize. You will be able to earn a prize each day you fulfill the donation requirement.

If you miss a day of donating, you will not be able to donate more to make up for the days you missed.

You'll also be asked numerous times to confirm that you want to donate your Neocash items.

Donated Neocash items show up in the Money Tree for other Neopians to claim.


In exchange for donating your NC items, you will receive one of the below rewards. The number of NC items you donate does not affect the prize.

  • Neocash in denominations of 25 NC, 50 NC, 75 NC, 100 NC, or 150 NC.
  • Small game packs for active NC Mall games (like the Wonderclaw).
  • The Money Tree Mystery Capsule (see below).
  • A random Neopoint item, the majority of which are from redeeming Neocash cards between 2007-2010, as well as the Neocash food item, Money Tree Cupcake (see below).

Here are the bonus items exclusively from the Money Tree Mystery Capsule:

Money Tree Mystery Capsule Bonus Items

Here are the possible Neopoint items that you can win (each comes with a Money Tree Cupcake). Note that some of the items were actually from Key Quest and Target RICs.

Neopoint Prizes

Berry Mynci Juice Box

Blue Mynci Flying Disc

Blue Valentine Grooming Set

Bottled Scorchio Breath

Brown Uni Pencil

Camouflage Poogle Pencil Case

Defenders of Neopia Rake

Dr. Sloth Heart Plushie

Dr. Sloth Ottoman

Draik Dining Table

Draik Heart Mosaic Valentine

Earth Faerie Mirror

Eau De Crisp Aire

Eau De Plushie

Evil Genius Gummies

Faerie Queen Perfume

Fiery Scorchio Truffle

Fiery Seasonal HOT Chocolate

Fyora Bobblehead

Fyora Faerie Pencil

Fyora Play Castle

Gauntlets of the Sun

Gold Limited Edition Plushie Set

Golden Diary

Green Valentines Nesting Dolls

Heart Kacheek Balloon

Hot Dog of Justice

Illusen Bean Bag

Illusen Heart Charm

Illusen Music Box

Illusens Glade Treehouse

Inflatable Regulation Meridellian Lance

Inflatable Scorchio

Isca Kite

Isca Paddling Pool

Isca Plushie

Isca Valentine Locket Charm

Kacheek Sleeping Bag

King Altador Lunch Box

King Altador Pop

King Altador Reading Lamp

King Altador Valentine Bobblehead

Mynci Box of Candy

Mynci Defender Gnome

Mystery Island Dominoes

Mystery Island Dot to Dot

Official Prissy Miss Hair Brush

Orange Kougra Make-Up Case

Pink Cybunny Eraser Set

Pink Fyora Gingerbread Castle

Pink Usul Mug

Pink Usul Mug of Cocoa

Plushie Jewellery Box

Plushie Neopet String Lights

Pot Belly Scorchio Stove

Prissy Miss Diary

Prissy Miss Kacheek Plushie

Regulation Meridellian Rations

Scorchio Mug of Flame

Seasonal Altador String Lights

Seasonal Chain Mail Helmet

Seasonal Cumulus Music Box

Seasonal Dr. Sloth Truffles

Seasonal Illusen Snowglobe

Seasonal Maraquan Background

Seasonal Princess Dress-up Play Set

Silver Limited Edition Plushie Set

Silver Neopets Logo Charm

Sparkling Faerie Notebook

Speckled Acara Mug

Spotted Kau Body Sponge

Starry Grundo Pen

Sticker Collection Book

Super Blue Gift Stocking

The Perfect Pink Fur

Usul Princess Plushie

Usul Wardrobe

Valentine Fyora Charm

Valentine Jewellery Box

Vinyl Defenders Mynci

Virtupets Brand Trapdoor Concealment Device

Yellow Valentines Mobile


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • He who gives away Grey Paint Brush laughs last.
  • He who helps a faerie helps himself.
  • It's better to give than receive, unless you can do both. That's even more fun.
  • One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure.
  • You will visit the Money Tree soon.

Receive a fortune not listed here? Send it in.

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