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Noda's Fortune Cookies

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

The Lab Ray Fortune Cookie was released on April 26, 2012. It grants a week of 1-3 extra lab zaps per day.

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

125 NC

How to Use

This fortune cookie can be activated from your inventory. After activation, you simply use your extra zaps as you would normally zap. Per the FAQ page you may not use this cookie on side accounts.

You may not open additional cookies while one is active. You'll need to wait for your current cookie to expire before opening more.


For 7 days from opening, you'll receive 1, 2, or 3 extra zaps per day. To use these zaps, you simply need to zap your pet (or another pet) another time.

If you're using Jellyneo's handy Lab Ray Logger, our logger will automatically record these extra zaps for you.


You'll also receive one of the below fortunes:

  • Get a zap of your dreams or a zap of disaster!
  • The best zap you receive is always the last. After that, you quit zapping.
  • The secret to staying youthful is to zap oneself Baby with the Lab Ray.

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