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April Fools' Day - 2001

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Cybunny laughing April Fools' Day has become a much celebrated holiday for Neopets. These days, most users expect them to pull a prank and are ready for whatever The Neopets Team comes up with, although a quick glance around the Neoboards on the first of April will reveal that many a poor Neopian forget the date and is suckered in by TNT's latest ploy.

The tradition began on April Fools' Day of 2001, when Neopets decided to give a little makeover to a few pets. In case you missed it, or if you just fancy having another look and a chuckle, here are the designs they tried to pass off as being the newly improved pets.

Fake Kacheek Redraw Fake Techo Redraw Fake Kiko Redraw
Fake Meerca Redraw Fake Blumaroo Redraw Fake Scorchio Redraw
Fake Lupe Redraw Fake Chia Redraw Fake Acara Redraw
Fake Aisha Redraw Fake Moehog Redraw Fake Wocky Redraw
Fake Jubjub Redraw Fake Flotsam Redraw Fake Jetsam Redraw
Fake Grundo Redraw Fake Korbat Redraw

The original joke page is still viewable here!

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