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Fonts for 'Lennies Rule'

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Lennies Rule
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Lennies Rule

Solution: The Lenny Conundrum is no longer an active contest. Prior to its retirement, you had to be one of the first 250 people to solve the Lenny Conundrum when it was released.
Smarter Than Lenny by streakanime

( Lenny Conundrum )
Are you smarter than the average lenny?
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Lennies Rule

Using Our Fonts: Please note that if you plan on using these Neoboard fonts, you may not claim them as your own creation. Although we do not require any explicit "Thanks Jellyneo!" credits, we do expect you to acknowledge the origin of your font and not pass it off as your own. If you ever come across a Neoboard user claiming ownership of any Jellyneo fonts, please take a screenshot for evidence and let us know.