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Flycatcher Information
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Depending on your style of play, this can be an extremely easy game - or an extremely challenging game. What most don't pay any attention to is the color of the flies and how they change, but I'll cover this more later on.

Flycatcher is based on the classic game of centipede. As with a large mass of Neopets games, it is about eating. The hungry, hungry Quiggle is apparently trying to fulfil his hunger by eating an excessive amount of flies, and the occasional flower. However, if the flies get too close to Mr. Quiggle, he will get knocked out (makes sense I suppose, I'm sure getting hit in the head with a cheeseburger would hurt). As well as flies, our protagonist must also avoid the colored bees which swarm around him; though he can make a tasty snack of these if he gets his aim right.

Game Screen


The controls of Mr. Qui Qui are simple enough; use the left and right arrow keys to move, and hit the spacebar to make him shoot his tongue out in front of him.


This game is based around the common knowledge that frogs can't leap, that flies enjoy following each other around in conga lines, and that it takes FOREVER to eat a flower petal by petal. The flowers do play an important role though, as they act as roadblocks which redirect the flies.

There are 10 levels you can play, before the game is completed. In each level, the row of flies will snake its way through the maze of flowers in front of you as they head towards the side of the pond that you're stood on. From the second level onwards, if you eat a fly from the middle of the row they will split off into two separate 'snakes' that travel in opposite directions. Eating a flower that is in the flies' path will give them more room to move and slow them down.

Every now and then, a bee will float down the screen and try to sting you. Whilst you can eat them, if one of them manages to hit you, you will lose a life. Likewise, if the flies reach you, you will also lose a life.



You are given three lives at the beginning of the game. If you lose one on the first level I definitely suggest starting over, as you'll need all the lives you can get. You'll lose a life if the flies get to your line and touch you, or if a bee stings you. However, you can type in 'deliciousflies' once per game during play to gain an extra life.


One thing most people don't realize, is how the colors of flies change as you eat them. The order of flies will always be the same; Red, Yellow, Purple. The key to the strategy is this: there will always be a red fly in front and a purple at the back. If there's one fly left - it will be red.

Why is this important? Look at it this way. There are 12 flies: 10 yellow, 1 red, 1 purple. Purples give you 10 points each. If you eat the purple fly, another one appears. This means you can earn up to 115 (11 purples, 1 red), and earn as low as 30 (10 yellow, 2 red). That is a huge difference. And, as mentioned before, if you manage to split the line of flies you will double the number of purples on the screen instantly. True, not many people can do this - let alone try; and yes, it is very difficult. But if you manage to half master it, you can be earning maybe 80 points for each line of flies.

The bees award 20 points each time you eat one. They can cross the flowers however, and they don't go in a straight line. Almost always worth eating. Remember, stay away if you know you can't get it - there have been many times in which they changed direction at the last second and hit me.

I'm not sure why Mr. Q devours a bee twice the size of him in half-a-second, yet eats a flower petal by petal - but he does. It's usually not worth destroying all of the flowers for points. If you're thinking strategically, however, you'll look at the path the flies fly across and perhaps clear another line for them to have to go through. If you plan to do this - I would suggest starting with the flower line closest to you, as when the flies are close you can gobble them up more quickly.

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