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Plot Coverage: The Faeries' Ruin

Step 2 - Castle Nox

(You can no longer do this step.)

Head over to Castle Nox's Master Control Platform.

Your Goal For This Step

You must liberate the three heroes (represented by pegs) from the confines of Castle Nox. To do so, you'll need to open doors for them and send them through rooms until they reach the golden exit. Meanwhile, you'll find that various rooms will set your characters back.

You'll never escape my castle!


To begin, locate one of the three pegs, which act as the characters you are trying to get out of the castle. Pick one, and take a look at the room it is in. Notice what colour doors are in the room. Ultimately, you want to get your characters to the Ground Floor in order to let them escape.

Say there is only a red door in your room - you need to set the first knob at the bottom of the screen to to red, by clicking on it until the arrow points at the colour red. In order to actually move forward, you'll need to set all five knobs before you can run the sequence.

Pretend the peg has gone through the door you set to open, and this new room has a green and a blue door. Select the one that will get you to your destination (typically a staircase). Set the colour of that door on the second knob.

Rinse and repeat for knobs 3-5. Set the sequence, then go. Doors will open as each knob lights up, and your peg will move to the marker in the new room, provided you opened the right doors.

Some rooms have tiles that represent delays (like a death ray tile). These will stun you and leave you immobile for one turn in your sequence. If you see a room that will do this, make sure to set the door exiting out from that room to open twice (by setting two knobs in a row to the exit door colour), to combat the stun.

When you encounter stairs, you'll open the door of the room to go up/down the stairs. When you change levels, the door to exit the stair room will already be open and let you into the following room. If you choose that step twice, you'll end up going backwards.

You'll need to collect the key in order to escape through the golden doors on the right side of the Ground Floor. It's not required to have all your characters escape at the same time.


  • Merge your pegs into one by having them land on the same spot in the same room. Once all three pegs are together, it's very easy to move through the castle.
    Note: Apart from a message saying the characters have met, there is no graphical difference in the puzzle, except you will have one less peg on the screen.
  • You don't have to always move through 5 doors. There's no timer so take your time and plan things out (keep in mind that some grey tiles will stun you for one knob's turn).
  • You must set all 5 knobs, but if you only want to go through a couple of rooms, you can set the latter ones to colours of doors that won't make you move.

Inside the Rooms

Castle Doors
Glowing Door Glowing Door
(Corridor of Chance)
"What's this strange, glowing door? There doesn't seem to be any way to open it."
Gold Door Gold Door
(Exit, Need Key)
"This looks like the exit, but it seems to be locked."

Castle Room Items
Key Key
(Unlocks Gold Door)
"Hey! What's this strange golden key for?"

Castle Room Effects
Void Void - Stuns You "Oh no! A horrible black void!"
Usuki Usuki - No Effect "Oooh! Usuki dolls! I wonder if any of them are limited-edition..."
"And here I thought there wasn't anything useful in this castle."
Ice Cream Ice Cream - No Effect "Wow, look at all this delicious ice cream!"
"Now why couldn't we get trapped in the room full of ice cream?"
Death Ray Death Ray - Stuns You "What is that?! It looks like some sort of death ray or ice beam!"
Skulls Skulls - Stuns You "Ahhh!! A room full of skulls! How horrible!"
Scarabs Scarabs - Stuns You "Aah! I'm covered in scarabs!"
Wadjets Wadjets - Stuns You "Oh no! Wadjets! Why did it have to be Wadjets?!"


Fearless Deeds
We All Scream We All Scream Have all three characters land on the Ice Cream Tile, either separately or together. Awarded once you've exited the castle.
Fort Nox Fort Nox Awarded upon setting all 5 knobs such that you enter a 'secret room' when you click "go." You can do this by entering a room with no more than two different door colours and having the knob colour set to the missing colour(s) (for example, you're in a room with a green and red door, so you set your knob to blue).
Do this for all rooms that apply.
(Credit: Griffinfeather & Mr_meenie_2)
And One For All And One For All Exit through the gold doors with all three characters together.

Bonus Items

Complete either of the first two Fearless Deeds and a bonus item will be awarded to you.

Bonus Items
Giant Tub of Ice Cream Giant Tub of Ice Cream Complete the "We All Scream" Fearless Deed
Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest Complete the "Fort Nox" Fearless Deed