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Faerie Cloud Racers

Faerie Cloud Racers Information
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Faerie Cloud Racers is a fairly simple game to master. The objective of the game is to make your opponent crash into either your smoke, her smoke, the obstacles or the walls. It is very much a remake of the old Faerie Cloud Racers game only with the introduction of obstacles. You have a choice from a few faeries, namely: Fire, Snow, Earth, Water, Tooth, Dark, Space and Light. There is no way to obtain Fyora as your player, however you will get to race against her in the last level.

Playing Against Fyora
Fyora is saved for the grand finale


The controls for this game are very basic. All you need are the arrow keys. Up arrow makes your racer go up, down arrow makes your racer go down... You get the point! An important point to note is that you cannot go in the opposite direction. What do I mean by that? Well, if you are going in the upwards direction, hitting the down arrow key will be of no effect. You would have to press the left or right arrow key and then press down. If not, well you would be eating your own trail!

Your Opponents

There are many opponents in this game, and although they all have the same goal they go about it in slightly different ways. So let us meet them then, shall we?

The Stages

Which Faerie you choose to play as will determine who you are facing when things get more difficult, so it is easier just to refer to the levels by their number rather than by Faerie. You start off moving rather slowly and there are relatively few obstacles in your path; the number of obstacles strewn around will steadily increase with each passing level for the first four levels. When you get to level 5 (at which point you'll either be facing the Tooth Faerie or the Dark Faerie) things speed up a bit. To compensate for the increase in speed the number of obstacles will be 'reset' and so there will only be a few for you to dodge, allowing you to concentrate on not zooming into a wall. Then with each following level the number of obstacles will go up again, so that by the time you're facing Fyora you will have to navigate a screen full of bushes and the like whilst traveling at break-neck speeds. Fun! :D

Faerie Selection Screen
You will face the Faeries in the order they appear at the selection screen


What is this trapping technique that I have been talking about? Well it is just as it sounds, you trap your opponent in a box made by your smoke. Since you get points for how quickly you trap your opponent, in earlier levels you should try to cut them off as quickly as you can; get as close to them as you feel confident doing to give them as little room to move as possible.

Trapping Technique

However once things start to speed up it can be a bit tricky trying to chase them and force them into a trap. So in later levels I prefer to adopt the 'box them in then get out of their way' approach; it's unlikely that name will ever catch on but it works. Essentially you do a lap of the upper screen, so they are limited to that half of the playing field, then you can concentrate on avoiding the obstacles in your half while you wait for them to come unstuck.

Trapping Technique 2


There is only one cheat in the game, though it isn't extremely useful. Type "faerie" during gameplay to clear all the obstacles on the screen. It makes it easier for you, and your opponent as well. So think before using it! (I would advise saving it for when you're facing Fyora).


The scoring system is very easy. The faster your opponent crashes, the more points you get! If you want to be more technical, there is a sort of a count down at work; you begin with a certain amount of potential points which increases each level, and then for every second you take to defeat your opponent you lose points from that total until you make them crash and then you are awarded however many points remain on the count down. You don't get to actually see this number counting down though so you only find out at the end of the level how fast you did it and how many points you earned as a result.

For each level, you start out with a certain number of increasing points. For the first four levels, your score is that number minus the amount of time taken to complete the level. For the second four, it's that number minus 3 times the amount of time taken.

Here's are the scoring formulae:

  • Levels 1-4: Level Points - Time Taken = Round Score
  • Levels 5-8: Level Points - 3(Time Taken) = Round Score

For Level 1, you start with 50 points, and you get an extra 25 points with each passing level (so that level 2 is worth 75, level 3 is worth 100, and so on).

To progress to the next level, you have to win against the opponent 3 times. If you lose 3 times then you lose the level and it's game over. :(

Easter Egg

This game was worked on by the elusive Weepit, who decided to make their presence felt in the game. During play you may spot a little piece of paper stuck to the cloud at the bottom of the screen which gets blown away just before the level begins.

Weepit Was Here

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