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Faerie Caves II

Faerie Caves II Information
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Let's play "Guess the game". This game has a Level Editor. And a Game Spotlight. Well, have you guessed the game? No? It has a lot to do with Faerieland. Its main character is Quaglor the Intrepid. Still no? It's a puzzle game. It's a sequel to another game which has the similar name and plot. Ah, you guessed it? Yes, it really is Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest!

So, what is the mission this time? Unlock Fyora's Quest by completing all 18 levels. Garon the Lupe is out and Quaglor the Intrepid is in! To move Quaglor use the arrow keys. You have to find your way around all 18 caves and don't forget to collect the keys and diamonds to earn more points. To complete a level you must find the Purple Key which will unlock the door to the next cave. So let us carry on with boulders, balloons and miscellaneous stuff.

Things You Will Encounter
You can move these items around. Just be careful, or else you might get squished or set off the wrong switch.
The only way to destroy solid tiles (top example) is with dynamite. You can walk through the non-solid tiles (bottom example). However, they do hold back boulders and balloons.
Use a torch to ignite a bundle of dynamite. Take care not to stand too close, though. Green dynamite bundles have the added benefit of destroying all the objects around them. (Which may or may not be good.)
Keys will allow you to open up treasure chests and doors.
Putting something on top of a pad will cause all the closed gates to open and open gates to close. Boulders and balloons will achieve this.
Once it's been triggered, a spike trap will block your pathway and kill you if you're in its way. That's why it's important to try and pass them as quickly as possible. Note that you should tap the key to get through quickly, instead of holding it down.

There's not much else to say about this game. No avatar, difficult game. But I would definitely advise you to give it a try. It is quite rewarding and a fun game to play!

Tips and Extras

Typing "quaglor" during game play will automatically forward you to the next level! You won't get any points for the level being skipped, though you will retain any points you have already earned.

Easter Egg! Like many other games on Neopets, this one was worked on by the great Oliver himself! To see all of the games he is in, and how to get him, read The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.

Levels and Solutions

Level screenshots and solutions courtesy of Kataklysmos.

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Level 1 - Easy Does It

Level 1


Wondering which level you are missing those last few points on? Thanks to fury_of_the_flames we have a handy table for you!

Faerie Caves II Score by Level
Level NumberLevel Score (after finishing)Total Score
1 75 75
2 100 175
3 70 245
4 80 325
5 45 370
6 70 440
7 65 505
8 70 575
9 90 665
10 60 725
11 70 795
12 55 850
13 105 955
14 40 995
15 55 1,050
16 120 1,170
17 220 1,390
18 35 1,425
19 95 1,520

The All-Important Trophy

This game's trophy is different from most other game trophies in that you do not have to beat a score on the High-Score Table in order to earn a trophy. Because the game caps out at 1520 points, the HST 'rotates' each time a new max score is sent. When you send the max score, you will be put into the 99th spot on the HST, and the person in 1st place will be removed from the list all together. As others send the max score after you, you will move up to 98th place, then 97th place, and so on. Whether you get a trophy or not will depend on which place you're in when trophies are awarded each night. Once you've been bumped off of the 1st position, you cannot get back onto the HST until the following month, after the table as reset.

Well, that's all...good luck playing!

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This game guide was written by: Mazzi & Kataklysmos